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♥ Mini NYX Lip Haul! ♥

When it comes to Lip products it’s no lie they would be my main addiction, whether it be the variety of colours or that super cute packaging something about them always has me wound up in a frenzy of lust and desire. When I discovered NYX not only did the quality of their products wow me but the price tag blew me away.

 This drugstore brand is worth every cent and although it is not available readily on the NZ market there is a lot of places you can purchase online such as,, , and just to name a few.

                                               L-R Spirit,Hippie Chic & Angel

On my recent American Haul I was delighted to find in Box 1 there were a few of the NYX products I had reordered and also some newbies to add to my collection such as the New Matte Lipsticks $6USD ! I only purchased 3 colours as my lipstick collection is getting a bit out of hand and of course I wanted to put them to the test first, but man I wish I had ordered more,they are absolutely stunning!

Although I am glad I chose these colours in particular as they are oh so wearable my absolute fave out of the three would be Hippie Chic (the photo below doesn’t do this justice) ! Very Similar to MAC limited Edition shade in Flamingo this little hottie is full of pigment, hydration and with a Matte Finish its staying power is beyond words.

Spirit is a Nude Pink which I love as it doesn’t wash my complexion out like I find a lot of “nude” tones do as a lot on the market tend to almost have that yellowy chalky look to them an example of this is MAC Creme De Nude, on me it just doesn’t work yet on others it looks super pretty.

Angel is a rich raspberry pink which is going to be perfect for Autumn/Winter as it’s mutely toned to perfection. The depth of this shade is what I had been looking for in a long time as I still wanted it to be on the brighter side of life but not too dark and mysterious. The formula of these lipsticks glides on smoothly staying right where you put them! It’s safe to say I will definitely be purchasing more!


Top to Bottom: Spirit, Hippie Chic and Angel

Next up is my all time favourite glosses, these little puppies literally rock my cosmetic world! Having turned more towards lipstick in the last 4 years my gloss collection although large,looked sad and dreary hidden beneath other treasured items for quite sometime. That was until NYX brought to my attention Butterglosses $5USD. 

The silky smooth texture, high colour pay off and sleek packaging had me sold as it was and then they had to go and add the sweetest vanillary scent to them bringing them to pure perfection. I literally felt like a kid in a candy store every time I applied these.

Conveniently created to be worn alone as they sport an amazing medium coverage these also look banging over your favourite lipstick or liner. Pretty much I think every makeup savvy gal should own at least one of these, they really are a bargain for the price and with the added bonus of no longer having to pull your hair off your lips on a windy day who wouldn’t be all over these!
L-R  Eclair, Maple Blondie,Creme Brulee, Vanilla Cream Pie,
Tiramisu,Apple Strudel and Meringue 

    Meringue, Apple Strudal,Tiramisu,Vanilla Cream Pie
Creme Brulee, Maple Blondie and Eclair

It’s safe to say I will continue to be a NYX addict for a long time coming so if you have any NYX products you think I need to try, please post a comment below I’d love to hear about them ♥

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