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3 Ways To Better Your Skin Thanks To Environ!

Anti aging skincare isn’t just for the over 40 age bracket. In fact, most skin damage occurs in your early twenties. And as they say, prevention is better than cure – so the sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better you’ll look when you’re older.
You’ve probably heard the standard advice that suggests you eat a balanced diet, drink enough water and apply sunscreen daily. While this does help to a certain degree, there’s also a whole lot of anti-aging skincare products that can help too. Paired with a healthy lifestyle, these products help to achieve the best results when it comes to your skin.
If you’re unsure where to start, take a look at Environ’s list of anti-aging tips that will ensure your skin retains its youthful look.


1. Restore that youthful glow

For a youthful glow, incorporate an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) exfoliant into your daily skincare routine. It’s known to work on reviving your complexion and reducing the appearance of discolorations by slowly and gently removing built-up skin layers. Prolonged usage can also help with the production of collagen, keeping your skin looking firmer for longer.
AHAs are ideal for dry, sun-damaged skin. So look for a lightweight product containing AHAs that will assist in moisturising your skin and give you a more evenly radiant complexion.


2. Revive the skin around your eyes
The Skin around your eyes is significantly thinner than the skin anywhere else on your face. As I’ve just started to see for myself it is the first place to show signs of aging, particularly if it’s continuously dry or flaky.
Sun damage is the most common cause of wrinkles and lines around the eye area which is where you may notice dark circles pop up too.
To reduce the effects of aging, use an eye product that has moisturising properties and is rich in vitamins (such as vitamin A, C and E), antioxidants and peptides. To help prevent further damage, ensure you apply sunscreen daily.
If you’re using any AHA exfoliants on the area, ensure you choose a lighter option as the eye area is incredibly delicate skin, so using anything too harsh isn’t a good idea.


3. Build firmer skin
When skin ages it begins to lose its firmness. This is caused by a breakdown in collagen. Many things can cause this to happen in early days, such as smoking, sun damage or products that irritate the skin. The solution is to use products that contain retinol, a derivative of vitamin A.

Retinol is famous for its multiple anti-aging properties. Its main function is to communicate with cell receptors and instruct them to behave like younger, healthier skin cells. Added to that, retinol acts as an antioxidant, reducing the amount of damage free radicals can inflict on skin, such as wrinkles, lines and sagging skin. Retinol is also known to increase the production of collagen which helps to firm the appearance of fine lines and normalise the production of melanin which helps to neutralise discolorations.
Looking for products that offer the same results?
Environ Skin Care offers a unique range of skincare products that make use of many of these anti-aging ingredients to keep your skin looking younger and firmer. It’s been great to work with Environ to bring you this article, so for more information about Environ’s products check out their website

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