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5 Summer inspired Gifts you will want to keep for yourself!

It’s that time of year again where it’s all about the gift giving, but if your anything like me it’s also a great time of year ,to eye up all the Christmas offerings for yourself. Everyone seems to have some sort of deal going on,or discount night happening that it often becomes a little to hard to resist the temptation of a purchase or two for yourself. Here’s 5 gift ideas that I think will end up with the tag .. To: Me From: Me


  1. Giant Inflatables

So the Summer weather is approaching fast and with that means there will hopefully be plenty of days we can spend by the waters edge. Whether that be poolside, lake front or soaking up the sun within the sand at the beach, these bad boys are freaking bomb.

Let’s be honest who wouldn’t want one of these, I mean if it’s good enough for Kylie Jenner then its totes good enough for me. Available in various different colours and styles I feel like our oceans, and pool parties are going to be full of inflatables this year, and you know what I think that will be epic.

Shop yours at



2. UE Boom Portable Speaker

Although I already own one of the original UE Boom styles I am totally down for picking up one of their newer, more compact models. These are an ESSENTIAL for everyone who loves listening to a few beats. So easy to use, simply pop your phone on Bluetooth connect onto the UE Boom option and voila you can blast your beats from here to tim buck two, whilst impressing your pals and your neighbours while your at it.

UE Boom’s are  so legit when it comes to the sound they put out that you can hear it from quite some distance away. I love taking mine to places like the beach for a jam, but I also use it a lot when entertaining friends with a few drinks at my place. So jump on spotify create yourself a killer playlist and pop into your local stockist to pick one of these up, they are worth every cent and will be a purchase you won’t regret.

Available in a selection of colours and styles. If your from NZ Harvey Norman often have fantastic deals on these so keep an eye out


3. Round Beach Towels

If there’s one thing I hate in the Summer, it’s when half my legs hang off my towel,whilst I’m trying to relax in the sunshine. This can now be avoided with the ever so popular “Round Towels” or “roundies” popping up all over the place. Although I haven’t purchased one yet,as there’s just so many designs and colours to choose from this is totally on the top of my wish list this year. Not only are they super stylish,but there’s enough room to sprawl out and really make yourself at home on the beach. NZ Babes can shop them at :  


4.  Nailed it!

I am all about colour in the Summer and it’s super important we don’t forget to dress our toes and finger nails while we are at it. There are so many amazing nail packs and new colours available for Christmas with OPI and Faby being my picks. From Hello Kitty and the super fun Blendable Colour Paints with OPI, to Faby’s amazing “Music Collection” which is full of bright neon shades to really make a statement, you can switch it up to match your outfit or your personality.

These totally make the perfect gift not only for your bestie but for yourself too, I mean just look at those shades how can you say no! You can find OPI in Farmers and most department stores/pharmacies and the fabulous Faby can be found at

IMG_1507 IMG_1508


5. Kerastase Soleil to maintain your mane

If your out in the Surf,Sand and Sunshine, this Summer you need to protect yourself from the elements and I’m not just talking about sunscreen. Did you know your hair also takes a huge kick in the butt when it comes to the Sun and it’s damaging rays. Not to mention if your swimming in the salty ocean or chlorine it can really dry your locks out, allowing your hair to become well.. a matted mess.

Kerastase nail it when it comes to hair care and their new range is no exception. I have been trialing this the past few weeks and it’s fantastic. Although we haven’t had weather warm enough to hit the beach ( yet),I have been making the most of the sunny days where I can. The “Soleil” range has been designed to protect and repair your hair whilst maintaining a beautiful shine.

With three key ingredients such as Photo Defense Filter, Ceramides and Mineral oils your hair will be super protected, even as far as fighting off that frizz that tries to appear in the more humid weather. From Shampoo, Conditioner and masques right through to a Swim protection cream this range really is the ultimate in haircare when it comes to the Summer time.

Available at your local Kerastase Stockist now <3




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