Stacey Banfield

Christchurch Based Makeup Artist & Blogger

A picture paints a thousand words ♥

It’s no lie that I am obsessed with Cosmetics, but what I love most is capturing the beauty that lies within all of my favourite items.There’s just something so stunning about showing a product for more than what it will do for you, the pride you feel when applying something so beautifully packaged to me is a feeling within it’s own.

 I am often getting compliments on the images I use throughout my Social Media so a big THANKYOU to all of my followers for your continued support . I love putting all the time I can into creating a visual experience for you all, it makes Blogging here at Painted Lips that little bit more unique and fun.

I have a brand new website currently being created and I am so excited to bring some awesome new features to you all, So stay tuned because this is only the beginning..

Stacey x

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