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Anything that involves Lisa Eldridge you know is going to be good, so its no exception that Lancôme’s latest colour collection to launch is simply stunning. Absolutely Rose is a Spring inspired line up of beautiful products.Described as a “pink” collection, which has been reworked and reinterpreted with a twist, it brings together the essentials of effortless Parisian Chic creating freshness, tenderness and purity.

I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of these products to try for myself, and a definite stand out for me would be the palette. It contains six eyeshadows all of which are pops of pastel colourings with a couple of darker tones to add in depth. Also in this palette is 3 stunning lip shades so it makes this a very versatile palette to have in your makeup bag. This will retail for $120 nzd which I think is actually a really good price point for such a reputable brand.

Below i have listed the rest of this collection, I would love to hear what you think about these products and if you will be heading out to be pick any up for yourself, Available on Counters NOW

Parisian Bay Doll – Ombre Hypnose Le Stylo $49 , Available in 4 different shades. These are great for creating a softer approach to a smokey eye!!

Cushin Blush Subtils $77 – I personally love applying this particular product with a beauty blender or my fingers. Available in 3 shades to enhance your glow in several ways, can be used on their own or together.

Le Crayon Miracle $53 – Dressed in the limited edition rose gold packaging, this liner is pink in tone and is designed to brighten and open up your eyes. A must have for those tired eyes days!

Parisian Lips Le Stylo $65 – Lancome have transferred their cushion technology into the heart of a lip pencil, creating this beautiful product. A double-ended pen thats the perfect tool especially if you like to create an ombre lip effect.

Grandiose Liner $70 – I actually have used this liner previously to this collection and it is a must have. Perfect for getting close to the lash line and it has next to no dry time. With this collection they have introduced two new shades – Very zingy (fuchsia Mat) and Bois De Rose (A rosewood)

Juicy Shaker -$45 – Three new shades have been introduced with this collection to light up your smile and turn it into one of pastel goodness. These lip colours are super easy to apply and have an amazing bubble gum fragrance to them

and last but not least, the one product that has everyone talking La rôse a Poudrer $120 – Okay for starters just look at that packaging I have never seen something so incredibly beautiful!! Embedded into each petal is scintillating pearlizers that with one sweep provide you with a stunning subtle glow.

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