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Art Deco Art Couture Nail Lacquers ♥

Art Deco have a wide range of cosmetics not only that but the most beautiful nail polishes have just been released and I am in love, so if you love a little nail candy you will want to know about these!

Normally when it comes to nails I leave it to my Nail Queen “Miss Bliss” to work her magic in creating something creative and fun, but with trying to save for my big trip to Hawaii that’s fast approaching I am cutting back on things I don’t necessarily need done all the time *sigh and yes I am feeling very sorry for myself in doing so.

Art Deco kindly sent me 3 of their new polishes and they are just stunning. Each polish I received is totally wearable, especially for the warm weather that should be heading our way very soon. I love that nail polish allows you to add a little spunk and fun to your overall look, whether you choose to wear it as one simple shade or mix it up a little creating designs and features these colours will be perfect.

The best part is you can even wear these with just one coat, that is of course unless your like me and have mega OCD with odd numbers in that case two coats is just perfect for an even splash of colour. I love that these have a gel like finish, making the colour last longer, look smoother and of course that gloss finish is the icing on the cake.

Not only do these look pretty but they are also caring for your nails at the same time! How can that be possible well with active ingredients such as Amino – peptide, moisturising algae and loads of vitamins the structure of your nails is being looked after literally right at your own fingertips.

Available in 18 vibrant shades you can have a salon looking manicure within your own four walls and I for one am all for it! At $19.99 NZD you can pick these babies up from September 1st at a Farmers store near you. So what are you waiting for head in store get creative and be colour ready with Art Deco for this coming Spring 

Ps My favourite shade is #632 the most gorgeous coral pink – definitely check it out x


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