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What’s in my kit Part 2! ” First Steps of colour.”

Hi pretties! Welcome back to what’s in my kit, Part 2! So you’ve now got the insight on how to create a flawless blank canvas to work on now it’s about adding the first steps of colour. Below you will find what works for me in my kit and from that I hope it will help give you all an idea on what may be helpful personally for yourself or

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What’s in my kit ..Part one “Creating a flawless base “

Hi Ladies, So with the beginning of a new year already started I have had a request to share with you what’s in my kit and what products I also would recommend for someone who is just starting out in the industry. Having 5 years’ experience myself working for brands such as MAC, Smashbox and Chanel  I have collected my fair share of products that’s for sure. Being a complete

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