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Physicians Formula Nudewear Review ♥

                   A few weeks back when one of my well known American Hauls arrived, I was more than excited to rip apart the box and lay out all of my beautiful new products. A collection that had my eye from the moment it launched was the Physicians Formula Nudewear collection. Within this range there is 2 Shades of Blush $12.95USD, 2 Shades

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♥ Finding Your Flawless Match ♥

When it comes to foundation, you always have this image in your mind of exactly what you want, you picture yourself looking flawless and then your left feeling in the dark as you glance around feeling overwhelmed by the endless options surrounding you.I know this feeling from two angles, as an artist on counter, it is our job to do the best we can to find your perfect match.There’s nothing

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Custom Made Storage Reveal!!

So this post has been long awaited by not only myself but a lot of my followers. For 4 years I have searched around on the internet looking for somewhere that could create my dream storage. A place to call home for all of my most valued and go to cosmetics. After looking online Ikea seemed to be the only place that had anything slightly similar to what I had imagined

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♥ NP Set First Impressions! ♥

Hi pretties I’m back!!  So a few days back as some of you may know my mum got back from Sydney and of course to my delight she had a few  yummy products for me. As you already know how much I love Sportsgirl lippy’s I wanted to bring attention to NP Set. This range has been formulated and designed by the beautiful Mr Napoleon Perdis himself to target a

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♥ Haul! ♥

Here’s my FOTD wearing majority of the products below including Sleek Pout Paint in shade Rosette on my pucker! is a Chic, colourful Online shopping destination  for all things Beauty. Below are some products that personally caught my eye and I just had to put them to the test! Sleek Makeup was a brand I was yet to try, so naturally I was eager to get my hands on

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Q&A with Grayson Coutts

When your a makeup artist in New Zealand it’s hard to sometimes break away and stand out from the crowd. There’s the likes of Amber D who is an inspiring artist for MAC cosmetics and having seen her work first hand I can 100% see why her name is held in such high regard all over the world.  But then there’s amazing artists like Grayson Coutt’s whose work is becoming

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Loumanise yourself with “The Balm”

The Balm Haul from! So let me start by saying these products are like no other i own, similar yes but infact nothing comes close to the smooth texture and true to colour pay off The Balm has to offer you.  Along with being cruelty free there is something within this range for everyone. There’s the lou sisters and with their latest addition “Cindy Lou” they are the pefect

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What’s in my kit Part 2! ” First Steps of colour.”

Hi pretties! Welcome back to what’s in my kit, Part 2! So you’ve now got the insight on how to create a flawless blank canvas to work on now it’s about adding the first steps of colour. Below you will find what works for me in my kit and from that I hope it will help give you all an idea on what may be helpful personally for yourself or

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What’s in my kit ..Part one “Creating a flawless base “

Hi Ladies, So with the beginning of a new year already started I have had a request to share with you what’s in my kit and what products I also would recommend for someone who is just starting out in the industry. Having 5 years’ experience myself working for brands such as MAC, Smashbox and Chanel  I have collected my fair share of products that’s for sure. Being a complete

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