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Dear Social World

Lately in the online community there’s been a real shift in mood. It seems like the social pressures are getting to everyone and no one really knows how to tackle the issue, so here I am speaking out because I truly think so many people need to read this. Instagram has become more of a comparison game these days of things like, who has the most followers, how many likes

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How we discovered comfort in a box & adopted a kiwi!!

Sleep– One of the things I look forward to doing the most at the end of everyday,  although I know I totally need more of it in my life. To get the best out of your sleep there’s all kinds of things you can do I know, but for me it comes down simply to comfort. Sleeping on a cloud is ideally what I personally look for, I mean I’m

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Never lose sight of the shore – 5 lesssons Social Media has taught me

For over a month now I have typed and back spaced about a million times. Sometimes it’s bloody nerve wracking writing about a topic people want to know more about, especially something like this. Daily I get questions about how to become an “influencer” or how can I be sent “free stuff”. There’s so much more to having a presence online than the above. First of all, I think the

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My Name is Stacey & I have spent 25 years on this earth creating my story. It feels weird writing something so personal knowing thousands of strangers will soon be reading these exact words too. It probably will become a big ramble but I guess my point of it all comes down to how you perceive someone online, and the truth is you really have no idea what has or

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Thinking about your first home is not only exciting, but kind of a little scary. The thought of having to actually make adult decisions – it’s a big deal! When we first decided to look into buying our first home together, we didn’t really know where to start, we umm’d and ahh’d about purchasing an existing home, but then stumbled across a few house and land packages and decided that

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Why you should take a staycation!

Now I love myself a wee getaway, but one thing I hadn’t tried before was a Staycation within my own city. Regan & I recently had the chance to check out the brand spanking new Crowne Plaza here in Christchurch and it was amazing!! At first it felt a bit weird when the front desk asked us where we had traveled from, and our reply was 10 minutes down the

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Summer Bedroom Styling Ideas with Logan & Mason

For us, the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s our little haven, a place we can escape to at the end of each day to relax, and just hang out in the company of each other. Our style is quite boho minimalist, so we wanted something fresh, neutral and inviting. When it came to choosing our all-important bed linen Logan & Mason were our first choice. They have one of the largest

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The Fragrance Edit 2017

Fragrance can often be a hard thing to purchase for someone else, most people tend to have one brand they like to stick with or some people just like to try anything that’s new on the market. One thing we can’t deny is that Fragrance really is the ultimate gift no matter what time of year it is. With that being said, I have put together another Fragrance Edit this

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As a lover of the outdoors and someone who holds a huge appreciation for the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand, I have decided to step in and play my part as more than just a Makeup Artist. I have had the honor of being apart of hundreds of Wedding’s over the years, and have heard similar comments all to often. Lack of venues and just the desire to have something

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Protecting Your Skin With Your Summer Beauty Routine

Routine is always a great thing to have, so it only makes sense that you adapt it to the changing seasons. Sunscreen is a product that should be worn year round, but if i’m honest I’m pretty slack when it comes to the cooler months. With it currently being Spring, the days are getting warmer so I know it’s time to re think what I’m doing  in the mornings before

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