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Why Woodpecker Hut Is Good For Your Soul!

The West Coast is not only home to beautiful scenery and native bush, it’s also home to so many other hidden gems such as Woodpecker Hut. This weekend we spent the night at Woodpecker Hut and it was such an awesome experience. Not only is the Hut itself amazing – I will go into detail on that soon, but it was sooo good for the soul! Working a job that

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All You Need To Know About Hiking Little Mt Peel

Little Mt Peel is located within the Peel Forrest about 40minutes from Ashburton,here in the South Island of New Zealand. Don’t let the name fool you because there really is nothing little about it, but in saying that it’s good to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and explore more of the real untouched New Zealand, that the South Island has to offer. When you arrive at Peel Forrest

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10 Scenic Spots To Check Out In Canterbury

Nothing beats getting a little fresh air into the lungs, so why not do that while taking in some pretty epic views and scenery. Below I have put together 10 Scenic Spots that are worth checking out if your ever in the Canterbury area.   First up is Summit Road (Port Hills) – The Summit Road is home to some of the best views over Christchurch across to the Southern Alps.

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Arthur’s Pass National Park & Surrounding Areas

Arthur’s Pass is a well known township situated in the Southern Alps of the South Island here in New Zealand. It is also quite a busy transit stop for those heading to the West Coast and afar. Arthur’s Pass National Park was the first park to be named in the South Island and is situated right within the township itself. Surrounded by tall mountains, steep gorges and wide braided rivers, there is

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Let The Build Begin – The Journey To Buying Our First Home!

If you had asked me 5 years ago what I wanted in my first home, I would have said first off that my Mum loves having me as a flatmate too much,I won’t be moving out until I’m 30 and secondly that it would probably be a property I would renovate. As the cost of new homes back then, wasn’t really that welcoming for first home buyers, when it came to

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Hakatere Conservation Park/Lake Heron

One thing I can honestly say is I’ll never get sick of exploring my own back yard. The South Island I always knew was beautiful,but it’s when you actually take the time, to stop and explore a little more, that you appreciate it’s full worth. This past weekend we headed to Hakatere Conservation Park, which is located about an hour from Ashburton. The Hakatere Conservation park covers nearly 60,000 hectares of

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Prada Is Always A Good Idea!

When it comes to sunglasses, I guess you could say I have a bit of a collection. There’s just so many rad styles to fit within the current trends, it’s hard to just stop at one pair. One thing I was lacking was just a basic style that would suit any outfit. This is where my Prada’s come in.. not only are they super on trend being an avaiator style,

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A Weekend in Queenstown/Wanaka Pt 1

If you have been following me from when I first started my blog nearly 5 years ago, you will already know how much I LOVE Queenstown. I guess it helps having family who live there, and a Mum whose always on the road for work right?.. This means there’s always been an excuse to head down and hangout in one of the most beautiful places i have ever been to. This time

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Onawe Peninsula Track

Wander Often – Wander Always   As always it’s another day, another adventure with us and today’s took us to the Onawe Peninsula. Although the weather was cold and a little gloomy, it didn’t stop the beauty of the view that surrounded us from the moment we hopped out of the car. Onawe Peninsula is situated 1hr 20min from Christchurch, and is most commonly known as the site of a Ngai Tahu

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My Recommendations For Your Wedding Day!

Wedding Season – Easily my favorite time of the year when it comes to being a Makeup Artist. Having been in the industry 7+ years, I have been apart of hundreds of Weddings, not one is ever the same as the other, yet I always take away so much from each one I work on. I guess you could say I’m a quiet observer, who takes in a lot and so

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