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The Fragrance Edit 2017

Fragrance can often be a hard thing to purchase for someone else, most people tend to have one brand they like to stick with or some people just like to try anything that’s new on the market. One thing we can’t deny is that Fragrance really is the ultimate gift no matter what time of year it is. With that being said, I have put together another Fragrance Edit this

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YSL Black Opium Nuit Blanche!

The original Black Opium fast became an everyday love of mine, so it was no surprise that I found myself weak at the knees over the new Black Opium Nuit Blanche. A White Coffee pick-me-up, sheer ethereal and not for the light hearted. This bad boy packs a punch with a deep-seated base that is sure to turn heads. Creating an intoxicating whirlwind, Black Opium Nuit Blanche brings a hypnotic

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The key to last minute Valentines Gift Ideas!

Valentines Day, the day where love and feelings are celebrated between couples. I use to be a huge romantic, I’m one of those people that always want to do my best to make sure others feel amazing, so in the past I’d always get really into it, but after going through a recent break up, I’ve learnt that self love is just as important. So if your a single lady don’t forget

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5 Fragrances that make the perfect stocking filler – For Her

Fragrance is such a personal thing it often makes for a hard gift to choose, unless of course you know what takes the fancy of who your buying for. To make life simpler majority of the brands offer small sized gift sets at this time of year or 30ml sizing which is perfect in case it’s not something that’s up their alley. Every year new fragrances are launched and every

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I Am Juicy Couture

If Juicy Couture was the only fragrance I could ever wear, then I would be one happy girl. My obsession with the Juicy scents continues to grow with their latest release “I Am Juicy Couture”.  Described as a fragrance for the “Glamorous Rebel” with an individual style and spirit that makes a statement to the world. I AM JUICY COUTURE combines ripe, juicy fruits to open this bold and alluring

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A Depth of indulgence – YSL Black Opium

Along with well everything when it comes to Beauty -fragrances are a total weakness of mine. Especially when luxe brands such as YSL release a newbie onto the market, you just know it is going to be pure perfection. It’s safe to say YSL Black Opium has become a favourite of mine from the very moment it arrived, scratch that it hasn’t just become my favourite but also my Mums

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My Burberry.. For my Mum

Burberry a luxury fashion house well known for their glamorous clothing lines and stunning beauty products, but the best of all would have to be their breath taking range of Fragrances. With Mother’s Day coming up, I cannot think of a better way to say I love you Mum than to gift her with a beautiful scent, that will have her reminiscing upon every spritz. My Burberry in particular is

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Delight your senses with Hollywood Royal by Juicy Couture

Ahh Juicy Couture you really do know how to make my heart happy, especially with the release of the NEW”Limited Edition” number – Hollywood Royal. Inside the glamorous bottle studded with stars, sits a scent that is sure to delight your senses. Made up of Candied Apple, Vanilla and a mix of Jasmine Sambac and Cashmere Wood – Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal is as enviable as it’s muse. I love

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When it comes to Taylor Swift, it’s all about the “Incredible Things”

With Taylor Swift being a major player in the music industry for the last few years, it’s only certain her empire would expand into other retail lines. With having previously launched other fragrances, I have to say those of which I am yet to try,I was then of course super excited when a gorgeous delivery arrived at my doorstep. Taylor Swift “Incredible Things” Fragrance really is just that. This Eau

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Viva La Juicy “So Intense”

Okay Okay so I am probably one of Juicy Coutures biggest fans when it comes to their fragrances. But at Christmas time when they release their Holiday Limited Edition, I am pretty much jumping out of my skin to get my hands on it. This year Juicy Couture have taken their oh so popular Viva La Juicy and made it Oh So Intense. Bringing a kick of depth being a

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