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I’m All for A Little Hair Say ♥

In this post I wanted to talk about 3 hair products that have had their fair share of use over the last few weeks. For years as I’ve mentioned before I was always a one brand kind of girl when it came to hair care, so when I was recently sent a few different products and brands to try I was super excited to play around and to my surprise

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Lani Hair Review ♥

      I’ve always taken care of my hair by purchasing the best products I possibly could. One thing I hadn’t dabbled in a lot was hair treatments. The last few months I have tried a variety and I am loving the results but one that has been a stand out so far stands 100ml tall and is coated in beautiful hues of Turquoise.  I was approached by the

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Maintaining The Mane ♥

  When something New launches onto the Beauty market, it’s like an inner addict springs from within and instantly, I am the owner of delicious new treats. So without any explanation it’s plain to see why I needed to be in on the hype of this Cult Hair product “Hello Hair”. Hello Hair Hydrating Treatment Mask $15AUD is an Australian Made MUST have for all. Being 100% Natural and Vegan with an

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♥Top 10 Hair and Skincare products Part 2 ♥

To continue on from my skincare post the other day I personally feel it is also important that we take good care of another aspect of personal appearance that females especially hold close to their hearts… HAIR I can confess myself I use to be found guilty of straightening my hair everyday and not using products at all to protect it. I think I was always put off by the fact

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Top 10 Hair and Skin Products for Autumn Part 1 ♥

With the weather changing and the cooler winds starting to roll it’s way into this side of the world I can’t stress enough how important it is to look after the things some of us can be found guilty of neglecting a little too too often.  Your skin and hair need some loving too and we all know how frustrating it is when your look for the day or night

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♦ Bad Hair Days are a thing of the past with Clairol Professional ♦

With the Summer nearly over and the cooler weather starting to roll it’s way in, it’s time we started focusing on locking in moisture not only on our faces but also our hair.So the last week and a half I have been putting the Clairol Deep moisture range to the test.Being an avid Redken girl  for the past couple of years, I have been devoted to their products dearly but

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