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Bobbi Brown – Surf Eye Palette Review ♥

Bobbi Brown – A brand full of surprises has launched a collection that is ever so fitting for the fast approaching Summer months.  Whenever I’m seen applying Bobbi Brown products I always get asked the same questions such as… – I thought Bobbi Brown was for more mature people or do they even have colour?   Wrong!? Bobbi Brown covers all ages, skin types and individuality’s so easily with their

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Loreal Infallible Complexion Review ♥

 When it comes to foundation I normally like to spend a little more for a high end product. This is only because I haven’t had a lot of success finding anything “cheaper” that really makes me go Woah!   I always find that with pharmacy or drug store brands the colour range isn’t as vast when it comes to complexion products or it jumps all the in between shades, so

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Q&A With Julius Eckensberger

When the opportunity to be sent on training for MAC in Sydney was presented to me you can only imagine my excitement. I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind of what to expect, the pressure of making sure I looked immaculate and polished everyday and of course being sure I kept to the MAC way.  My excitement went a little overboard when it was announced we would

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