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So I have had a lot of messages lately asking what my tips would be to running a successful Blog so I thought I should do something a little different and do a post with my advice on what I personally think makes you stand out from the crowd. 


Here’s 3 tips that I think will stare you in the right direction..

The first most important thing I need to stress to you is don’t dwell on numbers!
The questions I get most often seem to be how can I gain more reach or how do I gain more followers –  First things first im a realist.. okay okay enough of being fancy but seriously if you are only Blogging for the “Numbers” stop. Blogging to me is about sharing your knowledge or passion on a topic you are interested in or in my case borderline obsessed with. 

To gain a following or catch the attention of your potential audience the best thing hands down that you can ever do is provide good content. Share your tips or facts on the topic, as readers love nothing more than to discover something new.Leaving your website feeling like they learned something is what will have them intrigued to come back again, if they can relate to you then they will be hooked for life. It’s all about creating that lasting experience.
Make the most of Social Media also, and no I don’t mean going round and spamming everyone you have to be savvy about your approach. Create a Facebook account that you can post your links too, I also love Instagram its been a great way for me to reach an audience who are really passionate about what I do. Hash tags will literally be your best friend except when it comes to Twitter – I just get so frustrated with that so I wont even go there lol!

Find your niche! There are so many bloggers out there these days that you need to ensure your not just following in their foot steps, or doing it for the wrong reasons.Find what makes you different in some way and run with it. For me I started blogging because being a makeup artist I was always getting messages asking where I purchased something or what I think of a certain product and how would I apply it etc. So last year in December after much convincing from my followers I decided to create this little happy place I now call the home for my obsession.


For me my difference is there’s so much more to capture than just the way a product wears, I am obsessed with taking images that make your heart melt and show you another side to what we apply daily. I think people often forget to relax and unwind when it comes to my favourite part of the day MAKEUP TIME.. If you learn to love your products in more ways than how they make you look it makes application time so much more fun!

Honesty.. This one can be tricky and not everyone agrees but for me honesty is key.
From my days of working on counter I was always very passionate about not selling items for the sale but selling items for the person. Basically if I spent an hour with you and you left with nothing I was a whole lot more satisfied knowing you learnt something and had a great experience (9.8 /10 times they brought something) rather than you leaving with 15 products you were going to go home and feel frustrated and confused with every time you attempted to apply them.

I just think that followers respect honesty so much more, I don’t agree with bagging brands or anything like that as what works for me may not work for you, but this is why I try to talk about as many different products and brands I can. When I’m talking about a product I’ll make sure to let you know the positives and I’m really lucky that I don’t actually have any products that I hate but if I didn’t like something I mention it in a constructive way as there’s always going to be someone out there who it works beautifully for.


Last but not least yes working with brands and having the perk of getting to try out some amazing products is a bonus but it shouldn’t be all you do it for. I am so grateful for every single brand I get the chance to work with but I still will always and forever continue to buy my own products, if you choose to be a blogger I don’t think it’s fair to rely solely on others to provide you the chance for good content.

Most of all your love for what you do should be what keeps you inspired daily to continue your journey as a blogger x

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