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GHD or Cloud Nine – The million dollar hair question

For the last 6 or so years, GHD hair styling tools have been the must have in my household, but recently I had started to become fed up with having to re straighten parts of my hair before I had even left the house.Now please keep in mind I do naturally have beachy/wavy hair, so generally if there’s any moisture in the air you can guarantee my mop will get it’s kink on it’s kinda inevitable… well so I thought.

Recently my faves at sent me a CLOUD NINE Hair Straightener as a thank you gift. Crazy right!!! you can imagine how over the moon I was when it arrived, I swear they have made my whole entire 2015 and brought so much joy to maintaining my mane.

Anyway let’s not get off topic here, but the Cloud Nine Styler is seriously epic and no I am not just saying that. This beaut has an adjustable heat setting, which I really like compared to my current GHD that has just the normal on/off function. I find having this new setting means  I have more control, and I can really crank it up onto the highest setting for straightening out those pieces that just wont sit right.

The Limited Edition set $259 I received came with a cute wee zip up pouch to hold everything in, two hair clips and of course the must have heat protective guard. The straightener itself is slim much like my GHD which I love as it can then double as a curler,and having exclusive mineral plates allows you to achieve that “beach hair” look all at the flick of a wrist- lets face it beauty is about convenience too.

The straightener glides through my hair amazingly, one thing I find with the GHD’s that I’ve owned previously is even after being cleaned they can sometimes feel a little tugish when I’m trying to style my hair, but with the Cloud Nine’s they have floating plates which prevent this from happening.

In conclusion my GHD has now been stored away and my Cloud Nine is now my port of call for all my hair styling needs, it quick and easy to use plus not to mention how well it works with my hair type. The image below is my hair after two days with no touch ups, now I can never normally keep my hair this straight after an hour let alone 2 days.

So if your in the market for a new straightener or can’t decide I totally recommend you check out Cloud Nine’s – I now dub them the boss of all hair tools. Big thanks again to now I really can say “I woke up like this”


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