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Guerlain’s Latest Skin Secrets!


Honey Nectar Lotion is the first Guerlain active lotion to be born from the exceptional repairing power of bee products. Like a true honey nectar, it infuses the skin with essential nutrients. The skin is instantly soothed and hydrated, and optimal skin condition is restored.

I have been using this at night time for 3 weeks now, and have noticed a huge change in the smoothness, and overall appearance of my skin.I liked that adding this to my current routine didn’t make me break out, which is usually what happens when I add in new products. This retails for $137 NZD and is available on counters Nationwide currently.


Now these little treats I am a huge fan of. Guerlain don’t want our skin to show our late nights out, frayed nerves, recent chocolate overloads or that post holiday jet lag, so with that in mind they have created the My Super Tips range. A beauty survival kit offering quick and effective solutions to our everyday issues.

I received the Stop Spot & Radiance in a flash and can honestly say these work a treat & I will definitely be re purchasing when I run out. The Stop Spot I have especially become a fan of, it stays put in my hand bag due to it’s handy minature size, plus then it’s also always within reach for when I feel a sneaky blemish trying to rear it’s head.

These retail for $57 NZD each and are available on counters Nationwide.


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