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Hakatere Conservation Park/Lake Heron

One thing I can honestly say is I’ll never get sick of exploring my own back yard. The South Island I always knew was beautiful,but it’s when you actually take the time, to stop and explore a little more, that you appreciate it’s full worth. This past weekend we headed to Hakatere Conservation Park, which is located about an hour from Ashburton.

The Hakatere Conservation park covers nearly 60,000 hectares of rugged mountain country, tussocklands, beech forest,sparkling clear rivers and lakes not only that but it sits between two great rivers the Rangitata and Rakaia, it’s basically just a really cool place!! When you first enter the park, your greeted with a pretty baron landscape, but the further you travel along the gravel road the more beautiful it gets. Surrounded by mountains, some even snow capped you almost feel like your in another country not just 2hrs from your own home (Christchurch).

There are so many tracks within the Conservation Park, great for day walkers, those who like a good 2 day hike, mountain bikers or even those who just want to road trip to somewhere a little different. If your super keen you can event start on part of the Te Araroa Trail from within the Conservation park, the Te Araroa stretches the length of NZ and is totally on my bucket list!

We only did one track whilst we were at Lake Heron to the top of the hill, as it was bloody cold literally 1 degree plus we liked just hanging out surrounded by the stunning scenery. The next time we go back, we will totally be checking out other options, maybe even look at doing one of the hikes with a stay over for the night in a Doc hutt. Although I feel like Winter is probably not the best time for this haha!!

So go get your explore on, make sure you tag me in your pics and let me know what you think if you happen to check out any of the places you find on my blog. But for us another adventure awaits so stay tuned! xx




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