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H&M has landed in Christchurch!

It’s been a long wait, but one that was worth every second.. Christchurch our city as a shopping destination is BACK!

Having worked in City Mall pre Earthquake and after, it’s safe to say ALOT changed. A mall that used to be buzzing with shoppers and workers suddenly became a quiet sometimes daunting place to be. Slowly but surely work started to recreate our city hub and what an amazing job everyone involved has done.

When I first heard H&M was coming to Christchurch I thought no way, someones having us on surely.. Well it turns out it was 100% true and just a few days ago I was lucky enough to be one of the very first shoppers at the H&M Media Launch and what an awesome night it was. Side note – Safe to say I walked away with one of their iconic red and white bags – totally cannot wait to show you guys what I picked up!!

I just think it’s really awesome to see companies such as H&M,supporting our city after everything we have been through. Businesses like these have brought so much life back to our city center,which is so encouraging not only just for the locals, but of course tourists visiting our city too.

So I think it’s about time we now talk shop! What a store! I was so impressed by what surrounded me as I walked through the doors into H&M Christchurch. The first thing I noticed was the layout, everything is spaced out so well and in clear blocks of trends. From Women’s wear, to kids, maternity, active wear,menswear and of course HOME wear, you are sure to find a lot of bargains.

Since we are currently building a house the Homewares section was like heaven for me. The only issue I had was that there is too much choice(who ever thought that would be something to complain about) Since we haven’t quite finalized our colour themes for the house, I will be taking a trip back in store closer to move in date, to pick up no doubt bag loads of H&M goodness.

Menswear also has lots on offer, some shirts are only $15.99 – that’s pretty unheard of these days. The quality of the clothing also seems to be pretty good too which makes it even better when it comes to the low price points. I was actually surprised at how many guys had arms full of clothing to try on – including my own man.

Overall I was super impressed by both my visits to the H&M store so far. The staff are great, even though they have had some pretty big crowds to handle these last few days I have still seen them all smiling away, which is awesome. The variety on offer is pretty outstanding, the price point well lets be honest, it is sure to make everyone’s wallets do a wee happy dance.

So there you have my run down on what to expect with H&M, make sure you head on into the city and show all of the new retailers some good ol Cantabrian love <3

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