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How To : 4 Modern Romance hairstyles you can do at home

ghd has long been a household name, and it’s with no wonder why they are rated as one of the top styling tools in the world. Easy to use and FUN spring to mind when I think of ghd. From their super cool designs, to their sleek innovative tools they totally have your bad hair days covered.

I was recently sent one of their new designs to try out for myself, and as always i was more than happy with the results. When it comes to doing my hair I’m all about multi use products and tools, so of course I love the fact that the Platinum Tropic sky styler is sleek enough to also be used as a curler.

As someone who travels a lot, this means I also don’t have to worry about packing my bags full of tools I won’t necessarily use. Plus the super pretty design, featuring sparkly plates and the heat resistant bag it comes in makes life a lot easier when on the go.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that your hair doesn’t always have to be perfect, in fact in my eyes wavy messy hair is super on trend and even on those bad hair days you can still totally make it work. Just a little tip, I also personally find curls work best on 2 day old hair. If I try to style it when its super clean from a wash, it can just end up a little too flat looking, and the curls won’t hold as good.

Below you will find 4 easy to recreate, modern romance hair styles, created with just the Platinum Tropic sky styler

Look 1 : Soft and flirty waves – Start by putting your hair into smaller sections, if your hair is slightly flat use a tail comb to back comb at the roots. Then use your ghd styler, and start to curl your hair, with each curl being done in the same direction. Once all of your hair is curled, shake it out or use thicker brush to gently brush out the curls to give a soft tousled finish. If you want this look to take you through to a night time event, repeat the above steps and finish with hair spray.

Look 2: Bouncy Beach Hair – Use a tail comb to give yourself a middle part, then split your hair into medium sized sections. This time every second curl needs to be done in the opposite direction to the other. This creates a little more texture and fun. Keep the sections right at the front of your face thinner and slightly bend your ghd styler. This curves the hair,instead of a full curl to keep it soft around the face.

Look 3 : Taking the beach hair to cocktail hour – If your wanting something that’s still pretty but with a little more elegance, simply take two medium sized sections from the front of the hair. Braid these one at a time, and pull to the back of the head securing with a Bobbie pin. This not only looks super pretty, but frames your face beautifully.

look 4: Love on the run – Only have 10 minutes in the morning but want to look like you spent a lot of time on your hair? Part your hair down the middle, Leave out a small section of hair at the front of your face, then pull the rest back into a low pony tail and secure with a hair tie at the base of your head.

Twist your pony tail, then roll it around where the hair tie sits and secure with a couple of bobbi pins. Finish off this look by softly adding a slight curl with your ghd styler to the front pieces of hair. Voila you are now good to go!




This post was kindly sponsored by ghd, All words and opinions are my own 🙂

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