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How to be a bronzed babe all year round!

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola bronzer is a fave within many makeup bags all over the world. But for some of us, we aren’t all lucky enough to hold our Summer colour all year round.  Benefit have answered the calls of their pale sisters and introduced the babe of all bronzers “Hoola Lite” to the ball game.

My clients have been absolutely loving Hoola lite.It’s more subtle and not as warm as the original Hoola, giving a natural bronzed finish to the skin. It also applies easily and smoothly to the skin, which is another bonus when it comes to bronzing.

If you want something that will step your look up a notch, then you need the Hoola Quickie Contour stick in your life. Designed to chisel your cheekbones and sculpt your face easily, the soft bronze cream to powder contour stick is especially fab for girls on the go.

Not only is this product compact and easy to pop in your bag, but it’s long-wearing and blends seamlessly into the skin. Available in the one tone currently, my advice is to start with a little and add as you go for more warmth and definition.

I have been really impressed by both of the above products & I am so glad to see Benefit bring Hoola lite to their line up. They officially now have everyone covered when it comes to having beautiful bronzed skin and chiseled cheekbones all year round.

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“How to be a bronzed babe all year round!”
  • These sound like such great products! I would love to try both, especially Hoola Lite as I love the original but my pale winter skin needs something a bit lighter!

  • Step 1 and 2 NA since I’ve been following for quite some time haha💕 Need these in my life cause I’m always pale af and really want to get into cream contouring 👌🏼✔️

  • DONEEE! Haven’t got HOOLA Lite yet because I’m slack as but I have gone through SO many of the original one! Would love 💗

  • Came from Instagram, love your Instagram posts! I would love to try these new Hoola products out as I’ve never tried the original Hoola due to the fact the colour is too dark!

  • Already follow you on both hehe. But I def need that Hoola Lite for my fairer clients (love the original Hoola) and would love to the try contour stick on myself bc I love cream contours and don’t own this one! 💖💖💖

  • Love your blog! And these products seem so amazing! I haven’t tried any benefit products apart from the dandelion twinkle. I would love to try these two products as I’ve heard great things 💕💕

  • I would love to give these products a go, I am a big fan of cream based products, I find they blend so easily in to the skin. But being quite pale I find it hard to get a product that looks natural and does not have a that orangey tone. I love the benefit they’re mascara. And think benit package is oh so cute

  • Follow you and I’m obsessed 💕
    These products would really come in handy for me as a very pale girl I need some of that bronzer 😂 I had been looking at all the benefit products since they came out but little ol’ me is a student therefore broke as hell it would be super nice to finally try these products. 😊😊 hola lite look ughhh gorgeous!!!

  • I need this in my life to prepare myself for the nude beaches in spain 😂 Planning on contouring some abs.. seriously though have always wanted to try this x

  • Already following 🙂 I am super pale so I would love to try these so my face doesn’t look like a muddy mess

  • Eeeeep!! Heading away to Australia next month, so would love some colour, and have heard so much about this product!! <3 Currently always looking washed out with just my foundation!! Need some HOOLA in my life!! <3 Following IG an FB!! xx Stalky much, and great to meet you at Wild Hearts xx

  • I’m a pale princess 👸🏻 and I love the original Benefit Hoola but I often find myself reaching for different bronzers because it doesn’t sit quuuite right on my skin. I’ve been seeing Hoola Lite all over YouTube and Instagram and I’m dying to try it out! I’ve been struggling to find a bronzer that gives me a natural sunkissed look without being too orangey or intense, this would be a lifesaver! Plus that contour stick looks amazing! I’ve never tried cream contour before but this looks like a good place to start! xx

    • I love Benefit products and I love bronzer, so Hoola is one of that I want to try. Especially the contour stick because I’m a fan a cream product and can’t wait to try blending it in. I love to put a natural look for my clients either my face so I think Hoola lite is a great product for me. I’ve already followed you on instagram and just followed you on facebook. Wish me luck ! ❤️

  • I love my Hoola original, but it is defs verging on being to dark for my wintery pale-ness! Hoola Lite sounds like a little box of winter perfection! I follow you on both fb and insta 😊 Love your content 👌

  • Done! I really need these, I’m super pale and normal hoola is great but way to dark for me! I’m also always in a rush and never have the time to contour properly, the quickie contour stock looks fast and foolproof!

  • I already follow you on both, I would love to try both of these products out! The contour stick looks so easy to use and blend! I’ve never tried cream contouring but this product looks like a perfect place to start! X

  • Came from Instagram, now following on Facebook too 🙂
    Would love, love, love to add a bit of healthy colour to this winter skin!

  • Done! Would love to try the Hoola lite range! Needing a bit of help with warming up my face at the moment since my face is as white as a ghost from lacking the summer rays!

  • Already following both of your amazing pages! I would love to try these new products out! I’m still yet to venture into the world of cream contouring so I feel that this product would be perfect for a beginner like me! X

  • I need these in my life! They sound amazing. Feel like I’ve been living under a rock not realising these had been released.. (Just completed my post grad studies while teaching full time, phew!). So I’m needing that glowing tan after hiding away. Benefit is an all time fav!

  • Hey Stacey! Would love these products so my freckled pale skin could hold a healthier glow 😎💋
    P.s. Love your blog xx

  • I follow you on both instagram and facebook already. Huge fan! I look as white as a ghost! So yeah, this would be lovely. Pretty please 😊😍

  • Would love to have these benefit goodies in my life! Bring on that year round summer glow (I am legit so pale at the mo so the hoola lite sounds right up my alley!) Xx

  • Done!!! I would love these products because I’m really starting to get into make up and I own very little at the moment! My flat mates and I have a university ball coming up in July and I would love to be able to provide some make up for us to all wear xx

  • Yay, glad to hear they are amazing! I love benefit products! These would be so handy to add to my kit, I am a freelance makeup artist and have just graduated and am trying to build up my kit 🙂

  • Great post Stacey! I love Hoola, I’ve been dying to try both of these since they were released! I’m a pale gal but love a little bronze & contour & a lot of other shades are just too harsh on my skin! Plus the winner is drawn on my Birthday 😆🎉 And I’ve been following you forever on both platforms haha 💕

  • Done ♥️ I would love to have these two products in my life, I haven’t tried any of benefits makeup products but they’re on my wish list 😍 I’ve heard so many good things about this light version, I’d love to have the chance to try it 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💛

  • I would love to win this! I find it hard to find the right kind of bronzer that suits my skin tone and am well overdue for some new makeup. Plus it’s my birthday in a week and this would be an amazing present!!

  • Love benefits products! But being so pale the original hola is too dark! Would love to try the new hola light! Would also be amazing in my makeup collection xx

  • Would love to try these!! I’m a big fan of benefit products abd love a little colour for the winter months!

  • Done & done 😊 I need to try these products as I’m fair skinned and really want something that works! I have the original hoola and it’s alright but the lite version looks amazing 😍

  • Done step 1 and 2, I am literally out of bronzer and am struggling to get the money to buy a decent one so this would be fab af

  • I have been following you on instagram and Facebook for quite awhile now! I would love to try these products. My current bronzer is embarrassingly old, the top has broken off and is falling apart! It definitely needs replacing. Also a bronzer for pale skin is exactly what my winter kissed skin needs ❤️

  • Done! 🙂
    I need these in my life because the stick hoola would be perfect for a natural look for me and the hoola life would be perfect as I’m fair skinned so hoola is too dark for me!

  • I need this in my life as I’m not very good with contour so I’d love something where I can start subtle!

  • Following you on both Facebook and Instagram <3 I would love to try this on my pale skin. I need sme more colour in my face in Winter <3 <3

  • Done! I have some what fair skin and I’ve always been terrified to use the normal Hoola bronzer. I would love to look bronzed and not pale <3

  • I am so pale, I need all the little bits of help I can get without compromising my skin to sun damage

    Followed on all platforms!!

  • I need this because I am so pale haha! The actual hoola looks far to dark on me so would love a lighter version 🙂 it also means that I can share with my sister which would be fab for us! Hope I win! Love the blog xo

  • Already follow you on both but I so need this because I loooove hoola but it’s to dark for me majority of the time unless I tan! I’d imagine it’s just as amazing! 😍

  • Was already following on FB and Instagram!
    I’m always rushing to put on my makeup before work and I’m too scared to apply my bronzer in a rush (let alone contour) because I’m worried that I will end up with a big muddy patch on the side of my face. Those products look really user-friendly for a useless girl in a rush!

  • Done! 💖 I need these babes in my life because I am so stoked they finally have a shade for my pasty face! 😂 & I have been dying to try cream contour to cut down my makeup time (every second counts when you’re tryna get it done before the baby wakes up!) but have been too scared, could be the push I need

  • Done. What an awesome giveaway! Would love to try these Benefit products, Hoola… well legendary and contoured sweet cheeks on fleek & so portable. Yes please!

  • Done!!!😁💓💓
    I would love to win these products!! I always see my favourite YouTubers use them and I always try to get my hands on the products but they’re so expensive here in nz!!🙄🙄 I would love to win these products because I think that it will give me an amazing bronzed glow all year round! But especially for prom/ball/formal season!! 😁💓
    And keep going with your blogs babe! Will definitely read and stay updated! Love nz makeup artist! There needs to be more!! 😁💓

  • New subsriber here, Done! I love make up but I still struggle with the whole bronzing thing. As a stay at home Mum to two little boys I don’t get to spend as much on make up as I like so this would be fantastic. And I love benefit products

  • Done!! 💓💓 I would love these products as makeup has been growing on me lately and with my school ball in two weeks time, these would be great additions to making my makeup on the night look perfect 💓💓 So hopeing this is lucky. I have been trying to win some benefit cosmetics for ages and the bronzer I brought is the wrong colour 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • I love benefit products and have 2 going kids and working mum so love the idea of using the hoopla contour stick on the go! I would love to try the paper bronzer as I am very pale and often feel like the current bronzer I use is too dark!

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