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How to create memories that really will last forever

When it comes to photography I am all about capturing the moments that hold the story and memories. Whether that be a beautiful landscape shot or the smiling faces of loved ones, pictures do really say a thousand words. So when I was recently sent the HP Sprocket printer to try out, I couldn’t not open the box straight away and put it to use.

~ Because every picture has a story to tell

I have always loved the idea of a Polaroid style image, but found the actual Polaroid cameras way too hard to set up to get the perfect shot. With the HP Sprocket I can literally pair the device to my phone or if I want a higher quality image I can send across the files from my DSLR. All it takes is a couple of minutes and the image is printed.

I think this is such a good idea, especially when travelling for the likes of your journal, or even being able to give your friends a copy of your favourite group shot together. It allows that one moment, that one memory to live on for that little bit longer. The device is also sleek, stylish and slips right on into your handbag without taking up too much room, it just doesn’t get much better than that.


With so many adventures on my horizon, I know I will be using my Sprocket a lot more, so you are bound to see it making more appearances around the place. If you would like to pick one up for yourself, you can find them at your local  Harvey Norman, Warehouse Stationery and Noel Leeming retailers for $249 or you can enter my amazing GIVEAWAY below to WIN one for yourself!!

Just Simply be following me on Instagram @staceybanfield_ and let me know in the comments below why you need the HP Sprocket in your life, winner announced on 3/09/17 open to NZ residents only <3 GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW




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“How to create memories that really will last forever”
  • I have seen this before and have always wanted it. As I take all of my photos on my phone and don’t put them onto a PC I never get them printed and forget which photos I take. This would be perfect to print all my old photos and my future photos 😊 Thanks so much for this opportunity! @stephyanne_prvt

  • This is soo cool. I’d love to use this on travels. It would be great for creating photos for gifts and for picture boards

  • I’d love this! We’re currently renovating our home so my phones filled with before, progress and after photos. I need them printed out instead of having to whip out my ohone to show my clients

  • I would love to win this, I always take lots of photos on my phone and camera of my travels and my life, but I never ever get around to printing them, so they just sit on my computer. Id love to have one of these so I can actually print them and appreciate and remember the places I’ve been.

    Thanks for this opportunity, I love seeing all your travel blogs, I hope to one day be able to do the same thing. xx

  • I would love to win the HP Sprocket because I want to be able to create memories and print them off there and then so that I can create photo albums and photo walls without the hassle of going into a store to get them printed off 💕💕💕💕

  • I love physical photos! Having them on my phone is great but nothing beats having them on the wall or in a book. The HP Sproket seems like such a handy guy to have around for special occasions 🙂 Would definetly look into getting one if the price wasn’t so high!
    Insta: @baileemclellan

  • Would love to win one of these to make awesome photo memories of my travels also have a baby on the way so would love to print some of the special moments as he grows p.s love following your adventures and epic photos x

  • I would love to win this as we are off on our honeymoon soon and being able to print off images easily and changing photo frames quickly would be great. Often I never get around to printing images off and photoframes around my house don’t get updated as much as I would like!

  • I think this would be a great addition for our growing family. With expecting our first baby I know I’m going to be taking heaps of photos and making a massive album to remember the baby while it’s still little. And this would just be so convenient because I won’t have to leave the house haha

  • I would LOVE the HP Sprocket as I am going on my honeymoon next month also have my dads 60th.. it would be so cool to have lots of memories I can print instantly and keep forever!

  • I’ve always wanted one of these! I take so many photos on my phone that some of the good ones get lost in the void, so would love to be able to print them on the spot!

  • Ahhh ive been looking at one of these for a while but have been too busy saving for my big overseas trip! Im going to Europe and America in september and this would be perfect!!!

  • Wow what an awesome giveaway, I would absolutely love an HP Sprocket! 😍 This would be the perfect little gadget to take around on my travels coming up in the next year and even during Summertime! I much prefer having actual photos rather than it all being stored on my phone, all over social media or on a hard drive somewhere. I think it’s so convenient that you can just easily print off your photos when you’re on the go or in the comfort of your own home. They look amazing! Would be really great to make some magical keepsake memories using this ✨✨

  • Me and my partner are going to Japan in October for 10 days. I don’t have a camera and the storage on my 16GB iPhone is nearly full (I get reminded most days!). This would be amazing so we don’t miss out on any amazing travel snaps in Japan!

  • I love the idea of being able to print off spontaneous photos!!! I hardly get around to printing off photos. This would be so hardy for holidays !!!! #loveit

  • I would love to get my hands on one of these awesome gadgets. This would be an amazing gift for a friend of mine who is having a baby in December, giving her the chance to capture every moment on film as well as her iphone camera roll x.

  • I would absolutely love this since I’vestarted scrapbooking this year! Unfortunately a massive swathe of my photos got deleted when my external hard drive was wiped, and so I’m being much more careful now to create physical copies of my really special memories. Beautiful prize!

  • This would be an amazing prize to use in my job! I am a teacher and constantly take photos of the kids and then want them to use the photos as a writing prompt but I always forget to print them! This way it’d be on hand and easy to use!

  • My partner and I are going in holiday in October so it would be handy not having to worry about taking an expensive camera and carrying it around and then stressing about memory cards cause you took too many photos. I’m also super slack with actually bothering to print photos at a photo place so this would eliminate that

  • I would love to try the sprocket out as a photo booth tool at or wedding! We are just going to set up a normal camera so it would be awesome to have for guests to take a piccy away on the day! Plus I’m terrible at printing photos off my phone so with this I’d have no excuses 👏

  • This would be amazing to have, it would be the perfect addition to help me make a scrapbook of building our first home. It will help us capture everything from the very beginning to the very end ☺️. I also already follow you on instagram 😊

  • OMG!! This would be amazing. Like you said in your blog Iv been tossing up the idea to get a instax camera so I can have my pictures printed asap for my 3 step kids or my bullet journal or just to give my husband but I didn’t like the idea of not being able to pick the best shot to print first. I have looked up the HP Sprocket so many times and dreamed but sadly it’s just out of our budget right now. This would be such an awesome prize to win. Also just want to say that your Insta and what you do is fab xx

  • I would love this 😍 I’m about to finish my degree at uni next month and have some amazing adventures planned. This would be so perfect, would be so good to have something that I can create keep sakes with so easily ☺️

  • I need this! I’m hoping my bf doesn’t see this haha I’m planning a “reverse proposal” and I want to put together a scrap book of our memories and have him flip through the pages and on the last page will be my proposal… I know it’s a bit out of the ordinary but hey, so are we!

  • Would love this! Would be so much easier to print pics off of my wee dude for family or to create a cool collage of pics for the wall

  • This would be so perfect because my phone doesn’t hold enough photos and I’m so reluctant to delete them! If I had this I could then print them out and free up some space for more photos 🙂

  • My new hubby and I are heading to Vietnam and Cambodia this Christmas and the HP Sprocket would be amazing to have on our travels for an awesome way to instantly print the cool things we will see and experience. Also give to locals like little kids as gifts as they may never had had a picture of themselves or their family! Those would be priceless memories captured just because of this little pocket sprocket 😍😍

  • Omg i need this in my life this would be amazing!!! Being able to just print the photo instead of having to go somewhere to get them printed would be so much quicker and easier especially with printing pictures of my little girl to send to her nana’s and poppa’s.

  • Oh! Casey day I need this as we travel about so much trying to keep in touch with our family (we’re South they’re north) that we could print images right then and there for our loved ones to keep and treasure!

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