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Valentines Day, some dread it, some love it & alot of people probably couldn’t care less. I actually personally love it! From the day’s of High School where you would wait until lunchtime to see if your crush had sent you a rose, to your first proper relationship, it really can be a great day, even without all the cliche things!

I love flowers and gifts don’t get me wrong, because I mean who doesn’t like a gift but to me Valentines Day should be more about the “thought” than the ‘things“.  If you happen to be single this Valentines Day, don’t stress you can still have an amazing time too! I have actually had a couple of times, where I gathered my single girl gang together, went for lunch and a few drinks and laughed about all the not so great males we had previously dated haha!

Righto I’ll quit the yibber yabber and get onto the good stuff, because let’s be real that’s what your reading this for! I have included a mix of things you can do together, that are sure to have you both smiling. For me life is all about memories, so why not create more together, to keep your spirits alive!


Let’s start with the Freebies!

All you need for this one is your legs –  Take your lover for a walk! Be it a park or a beach, taking a stroll together allows you time to be together just the two of you. You can even step it up a notch by leaving your phones at home, that way you actually HAVE to talk to each other. Yup that’s right good ol fashion face to face convo! A game me and Regan like to play is also drilling one another with questions about each other, sounds lame but it’s bloody hilarious and makes you realize how much you do and don’t listen to each other.

Clean the House & stay off your playstation– This one’s for the ladies, there’s nothing better than coming home to a clean and tidy home. Surprise her by having the house sorted, and if your one who normally spends all your time on the Playstation playing Fortnight (like most of the current male population), put the controller down and give her your undivided attention, it’s only one night and you will survive hahaha!

Make a home made card – Ok yes an A4 peice of paper folded in half may not be ideal for most, but to others home made gifts are the best! Especially for those who struggle to be “Romantic” all your human needs to hear is how much you love them, and maybe you can add in a couple of IOU’s for them to spice things up a little.


Ideas that won’t break the bank!

Head to the hills and watch the Sun Set together – This has to be one of our favorite things to do as a couple, even after a stressful day or week, there’s something so special and romantic about heading somewhere to watch the sun go down. We like to head upto the Port Hills here in Christchurch it’s not too far away and has many great little hidden spots where it can just be the two of you. Take a picnic dinner, a couple of drinks and some music to really set the mood.

Date night at home with a home cooked meal & Movie – I can’t actually say I’ve done this myself for Regan, because I am probably the worst cook, but I totally appreciate the effort one puts into a home cooked meal and movie night, we love these!! This one is great for those of you who may have wee kiddies too, that can’t actually leave the house but still want to have a nice night together. End it with Junk Food & a Romantic Movie!

A few of their favourite things! – Say I love you, in a cheesy but cute way like I did last year haha! Buy a bunch of their favorite things (chocolate,lollies, get pics printed etc) things that have meaning or make you think of your special someone, put them all in a box together with little sticky notes of what they mean and Hey Presto you are officially the cutest thing since sliced bread!

A gift that keeps on giving – One thing I now appreciate is Wall Art. Maybe you guys have just brought your first home, or have just moved in together or maybe you just want to remind them of you every single day, then get a custom print made at Papier HQ. This can include all of your fave memories together, the date of your anniversary, your pets names whatever you like. It’s super thoughtful and something that can last forever.

Fish & Chips on the beach – It will literally cost you all of $20, but you are Guaranteed a great time just don’tforget the Tomato sauce!!




Ideas that will cost you, but will get you all the brownie points!

A platter in the park – If your not the best cook or maybe you just don’t know where to start, then you probably need the team at Bespoke Platters in your life. They literally have got your back, are super tasty, plus platters are totally the trending thing, and will look great on your girls gram feed haha!! To really seal the deal, grab a bunch of her fave flowers from your local florist, Roses are normally the thing for Valentines Day but as long as they are pretty you will be a winner!

A weekend getaway with Canopy Camping – Ok this one is for the real romantics, and is guaranteed to make your partner instantly Love you 😉 Canopy Camping are a luxury glamping experience, that have camping sites all over NZ. Most are off the grid, so you have no choice but to gaze into each other’s eyes and reminisce on your memories together. It would even be an epic idea to pop the question if your planning that too!! Most sites also have some sort of outdoor bath or hot tub, which is honestly freaking bliss!! If your in the South Island Wood Pecker Hut is phenomenal!!

Take a Staycation – If you don’t have time to take your partner away, then take a Staycation! This is where you can remain within your city but have all the luxuries of being away. Pick a nice hotel, book a couples massage, go out for dinner then end the night with a movie in bed. Simple, not too over the top but still shows how thoughtful you are. ( We recently stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Chch and it was amazing!)

Let’s go on a road trip – Maybe the budget doesn’t allow for an entire weekend away, so why not take a day trip! New Zealand is packed full of amazing things to see such as Waterfalls, Mountains,Lakes and of course there’s some fantastic hiking tracks you can do together. Adventures fill the soul with so much happiness, and getting to explore and appreciate your own backyard together really is so fulfilling.



That’s a Wrap, Happy Valentines Day for the 14th everyone, I hope you remember to make the day memorable and about appreciating the loves of your life. Whether that’s your partner or friends, it costs nothing to be a kind human!


Ps If you do any of the above don’t forget to tag me in your pics!! Instagram @staceybanfield_


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