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How To: Tan Prep

Self Tanning, it can either be easy or a nightmare lets be honest. Half the time I end up getting my boyfriend to do the places I can’t reach, he really has become quite the pro, but one thing I am a master of is Tan prep! Now this is so important, as it’s literally going to be the make or break of your tans longevity and appearance.

So let me break it down for you, as I know over half of my followers totally use tan and will all find this helpful! If your like me chances are you probably have some old tan still on your skin, that you need to get rid of prior to applying your fresh new glow. What I like to do is use the Bondi Sands Tan Remover and an exfoliating glove to remove and buff my skin free of any left over residue.

After this you of course want to make sure your legs are super silky and smooth. This is where Schick come in!! I have been using their razors for years and find they always provide the closest and smoothest shave. They have also have a new look which i’m totally digging, it’s basically just my old time faves but with a fresh new face!

I have used other brands in the past but found they always left my legs feeling dry, with Schick their Hydra- Renew Serum, which is unique to their Hydro Silk range of razors and keeps your legs hydrated & Moisturised for 2 hours after shaving giving you total leg confidence all day long . This is down to Schick Hyrdro products being clinically proven to provide long lasting moisture. What I also love about Schick is they have such a wide affordable range meaning there’s something for everyone, I personally always find myself reaching the Schick Β Hydro Silk razors, they are such a fave in our household & give me the best results.

Once your legs are prepped and ready to roll it’s now tan time! Find yourself a good mitt and apply in circular motions, this helps to prevent missing any spots and will leave you with an even and perfect tan.So there you have it, my easy guide to prepping your skin for a long wearing tan. Don’t forget to also moisturize daily after application this is key to keeping it fresh!


Happy Schick Summer lovers!


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