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How we discovered comfort in a box & adopted a kiwi!!

Sleep– One of the things I look forward to doing the most at the end of everyday,  although I know I totally need more of it in my life. To get the best out of your sleep there’s all kinds of things you can do I know, but for me it comes down simply to comfort. Sleeping on a cloud is ideally what I personally look for, I mean I’m not asking to much right?

In your dreams Stacey, finding the perfect mattress is actually so hard! We now know this after building our home and needing to fit out our spare rooms. Testing beds is hard yakka, so when Koala reached out to work with me, I jumped online straight away to do a little further investigating.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact it arrives all snug and compressed in a box! Like for starters how is that even possible? After reading into it, I found out that it’s actually super beneficial for the mattress to come compressed, as it extends the longevity of the materials – pretty cool huh!?


Secondly before I had even actually read about the brand properly,  I saw that with every purchase made by someone in New Zealand, they adopt a kiwi on your behalf! And the same with koalas when a purchase in Australia is made!! I think this is such an awesome thing to do in return for customers supporting their brand. Especially for a native bird like the kiwi, which is so symbolic to New Zealand as a country.

So apart from it being a super cool brand, let’s talk more about the product, and what makes this mattress so freaking awesome (honestly)! So the Koala mattress is pretty much a one of a kind, it’s made of their very own blend of foam and currently outperforms all conventional competition AMAZING!!

The best part of all is that it’s a beautiful luxe product, with a really reasonable price tag! Most of the time, the price tag is what it comes down to when humans make decisions, so this is a positive for us all and our wallets. We have tried our Koala Queen size mattress out for a few nights, as like I mentioned above it is in our spare room.

But those nights were bliss. Regan doesn’t move around normally, so I can’t comment a lot on how well it works with undisturbed sleep,but basically the foam is specially designed to absorb any kind of movement. I’m sure a lot of you will be sold on this alone, as so many people toss and turn in their sleep.

The mattress itself is certified to be 100% Australian made, which is super cool. Not quite NZ locally made but close enough, maybe we might decide to claim their mattresses like they tried to claim our famous pavlova.. just kidding! In all seriousness this is a really great product, it’s easy to move around the house, and is really comfortable for the body.

I love that it also is zoned in 5 panels which gives you really great spinal support. These are things that I wasn’t even looking at when we first went mattress shopping, but are actually so important for us to be looking out for, so take note!

Aside from our Koala now sitting pretty in our spare room, we pushed the mattress to the limit and took it off roading into the hills above Christchurch on one of our adventures. She made taking in the views around us, so dreamy and we even had some tourists approach us and want to test it out for themselves.

They all commented on how comfortable and soft it was too. With mattresses I know it’s hard to please everyone, as we all have a different preference on what we like, but I truly do think Koala have pretty much nailed it.

So if you’re in the market for a new mattress make sure you check out Koala, they have done some great things when it comes to giving back to the world. So far they have given over 500k to charities, planted over 5k trees and adopted over 37k Koalas within Australia!! Based on that alone I can assure you it’s worth scrolling on over to their website so you too can try this dreamy mattress  for yourself. Plus, you can get 15% off purchases over $1000 if you use the code STACEYB15!

So Koala, well done it’s a yes from us <3

*This post was kindly sponsored by Koala. All opinions are 100% my own and haven’t been influenced in anyway. This is a product I truly do love and knew you guys would too!!


Imagery by my super talented friend Sophie –

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