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Thinking about your first home is not only exciting, but kind of a little scary. The thought of having to actually make adult decisions – it’s a big deal! When we first decided to look into buying our first home together, we didn’t really know where to start, we umm’d and ahh’d about purchasing an existing home, but then stumbled across a few house and land packages and decided that was the best option for us.

This was due to the fact that existing homes often still have things that you may want to fix or change, so by the time you do that math you may as well build something brand new, that is exactly what you are after for that stage of your life.Funnily enough, all of the House and Land Packages we looked at were with Golden Homes.

Before we had even met with anyone we were so impressed with their pricing, the different options available and the fact that they offered turn key which was fantastic as it allowed us the chance to continue to save that little bit more money, for later down the track.After deciding on a plan we liked, and a few emails back and forth we headed on into the Show Home to meet Matt.

He quickly became our go to guy and was actually incredible! So helpful and totally made it easier for me to understand tradie talk as Regan was away ALOT! You often hear about issues people have when building their homes, whether that be delays, wrong products installed, or just simply lack of communication.

For us I cannot fault anything at all, HONESTLY nothing was ever an issue, and if there were any slight mix ups they were sorted by Craig our Site Foreman before we even knew something was wrong. The key there is to keep your relationship with your main contacts for the build totally open, I think we were pretty relaxed and fully just put our trust into them as at the end of the day they are the professionals.

Golden Homes take pride in working with the best, literally every company we met with whether that be Trends who sorted our kitchen, or Nextdore who were our flooring team. They were all just so helpful, we didn’t feel the pressure to upgrade or change anything (even though we did), and their advice you could tell truly was genuine.

A few weeks before completion, Craig met with us to run through the house. He handed us a roll of stickers and told us to go for it. The purpose of this was for us to see if there were any imperfections, whether they were big or small, they wanted us to mark them out so the house would be perfect come move in day. This is the perfect chance for you to speak up if something isn’t right or you’re not happy, have a chat to your team remember this is your house!

Fast forward to the end of our build and possession day had arrived. Matt met with us on site to personally hand us the keys, he took us through the house to make sure we were happy and then it was officially ours!

That’s the thing I feel like so many people forget when it comes to building a home, these people that you are working with become such a huge part of your life. Building your first home is a massive thing, so to work with a company who really valued and appreciated us as customers made the whole experience that little bit more amazing.

Then it was onto us to make our house a home! We started this by talking about our style and what we wanted to achieve in each room. We are both simple people who like minimal things, but the things we do have we wanted them to be staples. My personal style is super boho-inspired, I love macrame and tassels, native Toi Toi plants and palms basically wish i could be a hippie living in Byron Bay if I’m honest! So we have brought that to our home with a slightly softer approach.

Our favourite features within our home would have to be our kitchen/living area and our Master Bedroom. The way Golden homes designed the Living and Kitchen areas was perfect for us. Open plan, yet not too big, but still enough space for us to work within.My favourite upgrade that we chose to do would have to be our sink. We get so many compliments on this!! We opted for a Black sink instead of a stainless steel to give a nice contrast against our white bench top which we also upgraded from the stock standard.

We complimented the sink by going with black framed caged pendant lighting, these overhangs our breakfast bar and look super cool! It just adds a whole other element to the space and looks nice and sleek. One regret I do have is not getting a black tap to tie it all in, but that’s something we can easily change down the track without hassle.

The living area has been designed with great lighting and wall space. We went with the paint colour half black/white as we wanted to have a clean colour that would give the illusion of the space being bigger than it was, without being too crisp. We have two windows that allow lots of light into the Kitchen/dining and a slider door off to the side by the couch which catches the sun perfectly to keep our space nice and warm, these again were in the original design of our house plan.

We are so lucky to have such great wall space within our home, and have started a gallery of wall art from the entrance way. This art reflects us a couple, and we can’t wait to continue adding to it, including some of our very own photography. It probably is one of my favorite parts of our living area.

On to the Master Bedroom, with the guidance of Matt from Golden we decided to extend this room bigger than the original plan. The main factor was that our bed was a Super King and we still wanted to have space we could easily work with. To do this they needed to add in a bulk head which i was unsure about, but I actually LOVE the look this has created for our room!

We furnished our room with white bed coverings then added touches of neutral, macrame and cane to finish it off. We love our room, it’s a warm inviting place to end any busy day. We are so glad we added in a sliding door, so when next summer rolls around we can step right out onto our yet to be built deck to enjoy the sunshine that beams through.

Our house is now our home, still unfinished in so many ways on our end but that’s part of the fun of it all. Golden Homes did an incredible job and created the perfect haven for us to call our first home together. Golden Homes were incredible to work with in so many ways, nothing was ever a bother and I think that’s a major key in why we enjoyed our journey with them so much. It really is a better home to own with Golden Homes.



*This post was kindly sponsored by Golden Homes, although opinions and experiences are 100% our own 🙂

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  • Hi, love your kitchen. Can I ask what you ended up going with for your kitchen bench? And what about the sink? Thanks 🙂

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