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I’m All for A Little Hair Say ♥

In this post I wanted to talk about 3 hair products that have had their fair share of use over the last few weeks. For years as I’ve mentioned before I was always a one brand kind of girl when it came to hair care, so when I was recently sent a few different products and brands to try I was super excited to play around and to my surprise mixing up my routine has been the best thing I could have ever done.


First up was Alterna from ,this is a  range of hair products driven by natural beauty, and oh yes Katie Holmes adds a little spice to the brand as the Ambassador with her positive image and luscious locks! I tried out the Bamboo Smooth Anti- Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner ($29.57 AUD each). I love love love this stuff, seriously it smells divine feels ahhhmazing and the best part is I don’t look like afroman when I let my hair dry naturally anymore. (true fact)
This product packs a punch and for something that’s full of “free of’s” I’m more than impressed. Your probably thinking what does “Free of” mean? Basically this brand is such a firm believer is all things natural there’s no room for Parabens,Sulphates and other nasty things, which is great for the consumer.
I have noticed my hair doesn’t feel coarse or dry any more especially when it comes to styling it for a night out. I use to struggle with frustration at using a bazillion products to try and keep my hair straight once I put the GHD’s through but due to lack of hydration and TLC it just wouldn’t do anything for me. I am so happy with the results I have seen and let’s be honest if it’s good enough for Katie I think it’ll be good enough for all of us too!


Hair miracles don’t happen that often right? False! The new BC Oil range from Schwarzkopf Professional works wonders on all hair types. I have always stared away from anything with the word “oil” in it, this is due to having oily hair and oily skin I don’t think I could cope with any more “OIL” in my life. In saying that it was easy to breathe and look in the mirror with ease after washing and styling my mane with this fabulous range.
The Shampoo and Conditioner I only used a few times over 3 weeks due to falling in love with my Alterna products but the Finishing Treatment Oil $34.90 is fantastic! You only need the smallest amount of product to create a frizz free smooth do. The texture of this product is light and not greasy at all which makes it easy to work with and I love that it doesn’t weigh down the look your trying to achieve.With yummy treats like Jojoba oils and Argan your locks will be feeling rejuvenated and full of life, not to mention that killer shine that will have you turning heads! So in my eyes a big Hi-5 goes to Schwarzkopf Professional, this new line is savvy and most of all hair smart!



Last but not least introducing the next generation of Professional Dry Shampoo’s from the ever so amazing Sebastian Professional appropriately named – Drynamic. This Dry Shampoo is like no other I have ever tried, with a reset and recharge formula it makes 2 day even 3 day old hair still look rad. 
If your like me and don’t go to bed until late at night, most of the time I simply just run out of time to jump in the shower and wash my locks, but now I can go to sleep stress free knowing I can wake up run the brush through my hair and with a few quick sprays applied to the roots I’m ready to go!

Available in two sizes 140g for $38 and 50g for $15 the convenience is all at your own fingertips, so chuck one in your gym bag, suitcase wherever it is your going because lets be honest no one really has time for anymore bad hair days.

So let your hair down and go and pick up some of these products to try for yourself, after all any day’s a good day with luscious locks ♥

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