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Inverse Hair Conditioning System – First Impressions

When it comes to my hair, I am pretty fussy. Shampoo’s, treatments, colour I like to make sure I’m using the best products to get the best results. Using heat a lot my hair can get quite damaged, and over the years I have to admit I have been pretty slack with making treatments a regular thing.

Knowing that your hair is more likely to grow etc when it is kept hydrated and nourished, I thought I didn’t really have anything to loose when it came to trying out a new product on the market. Inverse approached me and at first, I honestly thought I’ll give it a shot but like many products out there they don’t always do as they say. I have used this a couple of times already and I’m happy to report I have definitely seen a difference, particularly on the condition of the ends of my hair.

So how does it work and what are my first impressions?

 Inverse discovered that if you treat the keratin in your hair at a sub-zero temperature(really cold!!), the fibre itself changes; locking in moisture and improving strength and elasticity within your hair. The Benefit’s of this is your hair can become softer, smoother, healthier and more manageable – let’s be honest who wouldn’t be stoked with that!

Basically the system itself looks like a cordless hair straightener, the inner part slips out – this is what you freeze. There is also an “Ice Mist” Spritzer $29.95 (NZD)which helps to naturally prepare you hair for the Inverse treatment. The best part is the spritzer is fab for all hair types, and will keep out of your way whilst being stored in your fridge.

It’s honestly such an easy system to use, there’s no big list telling you what to do and although the initial cost is quite expensive $249 (NZD) it so far has been proven to be worth every cent. I will keep you all updated with my progress as I go, now that life has started to settle back down I can get back into using it more frequently.

For now go check out for all the details on where to get your hands on your own!!

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