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Treating your pigmentation with laser!

When it comes to my skin I’m all about doing what I can to keep it looking it’s absolute best. With the help of The Cosmetic Clinic, not only is it in amazing condition, but my complexion is looking alot more even thanks to having recent laser facials.

I had a course of 3 treatments to help with slight pigmentation on my face. For me my pigmentation is mainly in the form of freckles, from being out in the sun. Now my freckles aren’t something that have bothered me too much over the years, and they certainly weren’t anything too major, but I have always wanted to try and even out my skin tone just a little bit more.

So what is a Laser Pigmentation? Using laser technology, The Cosmetic Clinic can help to reverse the classic signs of sun damage, and also correct some of the damage to the deeper layers of the skin, this is the collagen and elastin layers – where many of the features of aging, sun damaged skin originate.

For me there was no pain at all involved in this treatment, if anything some parts felt a little bit warm but definitely bareable and so worth it for the results you get. Although I am considering getting a 4th treatment, I feel like the 3 treatments I have had already made such a difference.

The best part of all when it comes to this treatment, is that not only does it take all of 6 mins to be over and done with, but there is minimal aftercare required. Side note –  The Cosmetic Clinic do sell a product called laser aid which is great for if you are prone to be a little more sensitive.

So there you have it a review on my experience, I hope this helps in some way if you are looking to try this out for yourself. As always the staff at The Cosmetic Clinic are so incredibly good at what they do, they are super informative and always make sure you understand what is involved in the treatment you are about to have.

So if you have concerns with skin redness or pigmentation totally contact The Cosmetic Clinic for a FREE Skin Consultation, they really are amazing and I know you will be in more than safe hands.

Left image is before treatments began, wearing no makeup in natural lighting. Right photo is the day after my last treatment, wearing no makeup and in natural lighting.

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