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My First Roadtrip For 2017!

So we are now 12 days into 2017 and I can’t even believe how quickly the last year flew by. It was such a huge year for me,and some of you may have noticed that my Blog posts slowed down a lot in the months leading up to Christmas. This was because I got quite overwhelmed with everything going on, as from April 2016 it was also my first year being fully self employed with my main business as a Freelance Makeup Artist.

What I really needed was a holiday in which I was super lucky to head to Bali for a week in October but I still felt like I needed to go somewhere quiet and I guess off the grid a little as I’m a shocker for still working whilst I’m meant to be on break. So 2017 arrived and that’s exactly what I did. My boyfriend and I packed up the car and headed north to the Nelson region for a few nights of pure relaxation and sunshine.

I have been to Nelson many times and spent a lot of family holidays in the Marlborough Sounds, but one place I hadn’t really seen a lot of was Kaiteriteri and the Abel Tasman National Park. Due to the recent earthquake in Kaikoura we took the inland route through the Lewis Pass, this drive is full of beautiful scenery with lots of awesome places to stop off and be a tourist.

If there’s one thing I love it’s exploring my own country so of course I was wanting to stop where we could – weather permitting that was. On the way up we couldn’t stop off at the Maruia Falls due to it raining badly, so instead I treated my boyfriend to 5hours of singing along to all the good old songs like wagon wheel, Bob Marley and if you saw my snap chat you would have seen I chucked in a little Party in the USA (LOL).

We stayed the night in Nelson then first thing the next morning headed up to Takaka near the top of the south island. There’s lots of amazing places you can see whilst your up that way such as Golden Bay, Totranui and the places we visited like the Resurgence in Riwaka and Pupu Springs just slightly out of central Takaka. Whilst in Takaka take a walk up the main street, it has some really cool little Organic Cafes and what I describe as hippy stores – think baggy harem pants, ponchos and braided ankle bracelets.



The Resurgence in Riwaka is absolutely stunning, it’s where the Riwaka River pours out of a cave in Takaka Hill into the Kahurangi National Park. Picture it this way its basically an amazing swimming hole, with the clearest tranquil pools surrounded by stunning New Zealand bush except these pools are EXTREMELY COLD! My boyfriend took one for the team and jumped in, this was as i stood with my feet in at the edge contemplating whether I had the balls to follow suit.

Te Waikoropupū Springs (Pupu Springs for short) are the largest fresh water springs in New Zealand, the largest cold water springs in the Southern Hemisphere and hold some of the clearest water you will probably ever see in your life. Although sadly you cannot touch this water or jump in as tempting as it looks, this is due to it being a place that is very sacred to the local Māori. If you do find your in the area i suggest you check it out, the springs are beautiful and it’s really cool to see something different.

Next up was our stay in Kaiteriteri, we stayed within the camping ground which was directly across from the beach and the perfect place to stay. I cannot rave more about the camp, the facilities were always super clean, up to date and the staff all very friendly and helpful for any questions you may have. Kaiteri I can best describe as paradise – With it’s Golden Sand beach which is packed with people everyday might I add!

Our first morning there we woke up at 5.30am to watch the Sunrise and it was the best one I have ever seen. I highly suggest doing this, its so peaceful and relaxing whilst the rest of the camp sleeps, and it really is incredible to see the different colour changes whilst the sun rises. That same day we drove to Marahau which is about 15-20mins and ventured into the Abel Tasman National Park.

Now this was by far my favourite part of the trip, Abel Tasman is a huuuge National Park, so to complete it by foot you would need to allow a few days and take camping equipment to stay in the breathtaking bays along the way. There are other ways you can see some of it too such a by Kayak,Sea Plane and Water Taxi but we decided to walk a few KM’s in and find a nice spot to relax for the day.


I cannot even find words to describe the scenery we were met with every single step we took, it honestly felt like we were in another country! Like how cool is it that we have these incredible natural spots literally in our own back yards – I totally have a new found appreciation for the country I live in that’s for sure.

It was also really cool to see how many people were also on the track the day we were, people from different countries and a whole mix of different ages just loving life and enjoying the sunshine and ocean views. This was the one place I really felt like my mind cleared and my body relaxed, just lying on the beach with great company doing well….nothing!

My next goal for when I return is to complete the Abel Tasman as I can only imagine the beauty I missed out on seeing this time!



So there we have it a few words for not only my first Lifestyle post on the blog, but my first post for 2017 woohoo!! I cannot recommend enough that if your ever feeling like your stuck in a rutt and need to get away- take a roadtrip! Actually if your anyone who just wants to relax do it, life is too short to stress about things that half the time don’t even need to be stressed about.And if your from New Zealand or thinking of visiting totally check out the top of the South Island, there are so many beautiful spots waiting for you to explore.

Now it’s back to life as I know it and I have a crazy wedding season upon me! So 2017… let’s do this!

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