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My Recommendations For Your Wedding Day!

Wedding Season – Easily my favorite time of the year when it comes to being a Makeup Artist. Having been in the industry 7+ years, I have been apart of hundreds of Weddings, not one is ever the same as the other, yet I always take away so much from each one I work on. I guess you could say I’m a quiet observer, who takes in a lot and so after awhile it’s only natural to pick up on things like –  whose a great photographer, hairstylist, videographer, florist and the list goes on.

It actually warms my heart, with how much some of the other vendors I have worked along side go out of their way for the Bride to be. It really is the small things that count,which is so important especially on a person’s Wedding Day.  Below I am going to share my recommendations for a few industry pro’s that I know will go out of their way to ensure your day is just perfect. Each Week I will be adding on to my Recommendation list, that way you don’t get too overwhelmed!


To get the ball rolling let’s start with Photography – My Advice Don’t skimp on this!! Your images are one of the main memories you will have to capture your day!. I cannot tell you how many people I know who have all said they wish they spent the extra $$ for the photographer that they actually wanted, rather than letting the price deter them. There’s nothing worse than being left with crappy images, that didn’t capture any of the love and happiness you felt on your big day!

 My suggestions below are based off Photographers who I have personally worked with, and who I 100% put my trust in to do the best job on your big day. The images also used below are a couple of examples from Wedding’s I too have worked on with them, most of the listed Photographers below are also available to Travel outside of Christchurch – Just simply click on their names for more information 🙂


Susannah Blatchford Whenever I see Susie pop her head in the door at any job I’m working on I can’t help but be so excited! The way she captures the light and love of what’s around her is just breathtaking. She’s one of those people that make you feel so at ease, even when there’s a camera clicking away at pretty much your every move, you barely even know she’s there.

Put it this way, when my time comes Susannah will be my photographer, you only need to take a look at one of her images to see why! She really is one very talented photographer who is guaranteed to make your day memorable.

Joseph O’Sullivan Joseph and His wife Jody who often assists him are not only the cutest, loveliest couple to ever have floating around on your big day but these two are also super talented. From the moment he walks in the door Joseph is straight into it, he’s such a creative person and his work truly shows that, he captures every inch of detail beautifully.

Paul Tatterson – The funniest,quirkiest man to ever walk around with a camera and do a bloody good job.Paul just beams happiness and is all around just such a cool guy. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to capture such epic moments so well, but boy does he do such a great job!!

I worked on and attended a wedding where Paul literally was dancing and jumping around with all the guests on the dfloor, I was thinking oh my god those images hes taking (whilst mid air) are bound to come out blurry – turns out i couldnt’ have been more wrong, the photos were amazing!! If you want someone whose all about having fun Paul’s your guy!


Hair Dressers! 

Like anything having yourself a good hairdresser on your wedding day is an essential to a stress free morning. I am lucky enough to know some amazing stylists throughout NZ so make sure you read on below to find out more about them. .


Monique Woods Hairstyling – If there’s one girl I would trust with my hair life well it’s Mon! Not only is she my personal hair dresser,but we literally work on nearly every wedding job together. Moni is so freaking talented it’s hard to find the words to make you understand how amazing she is – I swear she isn’t paying me to say this either haha!! Mon works out of Felix Culpa a super cool salon here in Christchurch that is full of amazing hair stylists, and she also Freelances for Wedding work. She is super fast, and so incredibly chilled not only will you feel so relaxed on the morning of your big day but you will be flawed by Mon’s beautiful work!

Graceful Hair Art – It’s must be a thing with the name that makes these girls epic with hair as I’d like to introduce another Moni who runs Graceful Hair Art. Specializing in Wedding’s and Hair ups Moni is another great option when it comes to hair for your big day. Again I have worked with her quite a bit and can vouch for the super relaxing vibe Mon provides when working with her clients.


Seb Tomlinson – Makeup & Hair Stylist Seb is your one stop shop for you Wedding Day Look, if your within the Auckland Area.  Seb is not only an incredibly lovely person, but she will do the most amazing job, leaving you to look and feel your absolute best. I love that Seb’s style of work is so adaptable, and with years of experience behind her you are in more than capable hands.


Fiona Goddard – Another super talented babe who can help you when it comes to epic hair and makeup. There aren’t too many words to describe Fiona’s stunning style because the proof really is in the pudding – just look at her photos!! (heart eyes) She also has a super cute British Blue called Bobbi that you might get to see when you go for a trial, she’s so adorable I’d book Fiona just for that reason alone haha!!



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