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My Worst Hair Nightmare!

I never thought I’d ever have to worry about hair loss at 23, but life can sometimes get you down and as a result yup it happened! After going through a really bad break up at the start of the year, it’s safe to say emotionally I was pretty down but little did I know it would have such a huge effect on something like my hair.

It turns out emotional stress is a thing, and it can have different effects on the body. Now everyone looses 100-200 strands of hair per day, that’s completely normal. But it wasn’t until a discussion with my amazing hair dresser Moni from Felix Culpa here in Christchurch, and a comparison of a few photos taken only weeks apart that we realized my hair had lost a lot of it’s volume and length.

We basically narrowed down the timeline and after I did some research online, I figured out, that what I been through a month or so prior totally had a part to play in why my hair had mysteriously diminished. At one point I had a bit of a breakdown thinking I was going to go bald, but thank fully this wasn’t at all the case.

We ruled out damage as the cause pretty quickly as I always have treatments done and have only ever used good quality products. So the next step of course was to get my hair restored back to it’s original self.


So what am I using?

Thanks to the new regime of Kérastase New Zealand products, the team at Felix Culpa put together for me, we are well on the way to good things happening wooohoo!The key for me was restoring my hairs strength, so the range they chose for me to begin on was Resistance Thérapiste.

This particular line up is a breakthrough haircare collection that gives very damaged and over processed hair a second life. The formulas of Resistance Thérapiste are enriched with FIBRA-KAP™, a powerful complex designed to compensate for the missing KAPs, and RESURRECTION SAP, an extract from a plant able to resurrect after 10 years of near-death.


The hardest thing I found with this Kérastase regime, is that they don’t actually have a Shampoo and Conditioner. You start with the primer, then Shampoo twice. Surprisingly this doesn’t make your hair feel like straw, which is a mega plus as I did have my concerns about not using a conditioner to give my locks their soft sleek look.

The third product from the same range as above, was for use out of the shower & is known as the Serum Thérapiste. This bad boy is a dual serum, pretty much a secret weapon when it comes to haircare. It protects your hair against heat upto 230°C & it also instantly repairs, reinforces and resurfaces your hair leaving your ends sealed to perfection. initialiste-260-410

Last but not least is the one product i’m excited to see results from the most. INITIALISTE is a serum targeted to strengthen your hair right from the root. When used after each shampoo, INITIALISTE improves hair quality, making it healthier and stronger.It becomes more resistant with 93% less breakage during styling –  pretty much everyone needs this product in their life!

I have so far been on this regime for about a month, I have noticed my hair is slowly thickening back up and it feels stronger when I run my hands through it. Like anything there isn’t an instant fix for my dilemma. but I’m willing to stick it out and hopefully have some amazing results in another month or so to share with you all.

If you have any products you think may help me out, let me know in the comments below, otherwise you can check out for more information or to shop via their online store.


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