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No Gf your “hustle” is certainly not real

If you saw my instagram story you will already get the idea of this post, and if you didn’t well im about to run you through it. I’ve been getting really fed up with social media lately, and this morning well it made me sit there with my head in my heads and say to myself what the fuck is wrong with these people.

So the scenario was a friend talking about a business idea that another friend had mentioned to her that she would like to start up. A couple of months had passed and this other friend decided because the original thought owner couldnt afford to act on this idea just yet, that she would take it upon herself to start this business herself….

Maybe im just old school and actually value having morals and respect for others but as a business owner pulling moves like that in my eyes is shady. You should never steal someones ideas to claim as your own OR shit on genuinely awesome humans in the name of trying to make yourself look successful, without you having to actually do any work. Making moves like the above doesn’t allow you to call yourself a “Girl boss” or claim that you “hustle”, because that shit is bloody well earned.

Hustling doesn’t mean being an asshole or using people because they are already established or hold value that you want to be associated with. The real hustle is creating your business, putting the work in, accepting that things don’t happen overnight but not giving up until you get to where you want to be. It’s making sacrifices and going without things to follow your dreams and turn them into a reality.

What ever happened to just supporting your friends when they are doing well? Or giving credit to others where it’s due, stop claiming other peoples success and just be genuinely happy that you are connected to freaking cool people, with awesome ideas who are wanting to do epic things in this world. There is enough room for everyone, so why try be the same?

I’ve been self employed about 3 years now, I’ve been really lucky and never really had any issues with anything until this year. Im a pretty private person, I don’t rely on others to get me places, I just get on with it and do my thing. The thing is some people just dont have good intentions, they can’t help but want what you have, and they truly think it is easy-  yet they wouldn’t have a clue of what goes on behind the scenes.


Example from my own real life, I normally don’t bother sharing this kind of thing, BUT it’s relevant because we ALL go through things like this! –

Earlier this year I had a similar experience with someone who was trying to make me feel like ” I owed them”. When in actual fact I didn’t at all in any way shape or form. They had approached me multiple times to be apart of something, offering deals to get me on board,  but never held up their end of the deal, once I decided to give it a try . There was a couple of things that happened, but the main thing they did want was for me to give numerous plugs on my platforms, and straight away I had alarm bells. Did this person want to work with me because they actually valued my business or was it my following because I had numbers behind me that they wanted access to… it was pretty clear what they were after.

For me I work on the basis of if you support me, I will totally support you back 100% .  Thats how business works and some of the worlds best collaborations and partnerships have come from that. But you should never ever as a business, be selfish and expect from others but never give back to them in return. Business just doesn’t work that way these days, especially not small ones and it doesn’t take long for others to figure out peoples true intentions.

So if you are looking to venture into the world of becoming your own boss,  my advice is be aware. Make sure those you confide in are actually good humans who won’t shit on you. Your roads going to be tough work, but nothing worth it ever comes easy,  keep to your own little bubble and work away at your dreams quietly, but most of all stay true to yourself and never let anyone dull the sparkle that runs through your passion filled veins.

You earn your place in the circle of life, you don’t just get to not do the hard work and place yourself at the top. Starting a business is bloody hard and so terrifying especially if you are going to be fully self employed and relying solely on yourself to make it work. But I can tell you the feeling of knowing you got to where you are through a natural love for the industry your in, putting in many hours plus your heart and soul nothing beats it.  Your success does not rely on anyone else I promise you that, and if they have to steal your ideas to be relevant…. well done you have officially made it <3


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