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Our First Home – Build Update!!

So if you read my first post you would know that we are currently building our first home. I feel like so much has happened since then, so I thought  it was only fitting that I continue on to the 2nd post and update you all on where we are at.

Going back to where we left off, it took about 6 weeks for all of the consents and council paperwork to be done before the build began. Once everything was approved it was ALL GO and the exciting parts were well underway. One thing I have to say about Golden Homes is that they don’t muck around. Literally every single week since we got the OK from the council, there has been progress on our site.

I do have to admit the builders are totally right when they say your foundations always look smaller. When they box out and pour the concrete it makes your house look super small and compact. Regan and I kind of looked at each other like how the heck are we even going to fit a couch in that lounge, but apparently that is normal haha!

To date we have all the frames up with the guttering, roof and windows due to go in over the coming days. This entire process has been so exciting, but everything is happening so fast it’s crazy. It’s not often builds are done on time let alone early. Ours is on track to be a couple of months earlier than we originally thought, which is awesome that we will be in before Christmas.

Over the last few weeks we have chosen our kitchen colours, benchtop, floorings, paint colours and sorted out our life insurance. All of the above was  a pretty easy process, we met with Andrew from Q Insurance first (now rebranded to “Become”). Andrew was awesome – so full of information and explained everything in detail that we needed to know, he then found us the best deal to cover everything we wanted and from there it was all a matter of signing the papers and that part was then done.

Then it came to our first meeting – The Kitchen! Now im no masterchef, but Regan enjoys a nice kitchen so meeting with Chloe from Trends was pretty exciting. We had previously upgraded our bench top, so it was just a matter of upgrading anything else we wanted to and of course choosing our colours.

We went for something neutral as we want our kitchen not to date too fast with the ever changing trends. So after a couple more upgrades added in, we were pretty much settled on the final look which you will just have to wait and see….

Then it was onto a meeting with Craig from Golden Homes. He’s the construction supervisor for our site and is the go to man for any questions in relation to what’s happening. The meeting was super straight forward, he goes over the plan of attack and keeps in contact with you as each step takes place. Every Friday in fact is when Craig sends through his updates, including photos of the progress which is awesome if you haven’t had a chance to check out the site for yourself.

Our latest meeting was with Gavin from Nextdore, hes in charge of all things flooring and interior colours. This was the one part I was nervous about as I knew if it was anything like when it comes to makeup and finding the perfect nude lipstick, then deciding on the right “white” for the walls was going to be a challenge.

Luckily for us and the 500 gazillion shades of white we went with the 3rd option he showed us, which is popular in a lot of homes. Carpet was reasonably simple after taking on the advice of my mum we upgraded from the standard range to a Nylon and also got the thicker underlay. In the long term this will mean our carpet will have better wear and tear so it’s worth investing at the beginning.

The other type of flooring that we chose for the kitchen, bathrooms and my studio was a commercial vinyl in an amazing grey white wash tone. Due to how much use my studio will be getting, I wanted something durable, easy to clean but also super chic and I’m pretty sure we nailed that with our choice. I am SUPER excited for this and cannot wait to see it in the flesh.

So there we have it you are now all up to date with our First Home Build, Golden Homes have been absolute stars we are so happy we chose to build with them. All of the businesses mentioned above that they align with for their packages have also been amazing and I am happy to report we have no complaints so far!!

Now it’s time for all the FUN – FURNITURE SHOPPING, so if you have any suggestions on where we should be looking we would love to hear from you.

For now stay tuned for the next updates, and if you are interested in building with Golden Homes get in touch with the man himself Matt Dewar as you will be in more than safe hands –

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