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Protecting Your Skin With Your Summer Beauty Routine

Routine is always a great thing to have, so it only makes sense that you adapt it to the changing seasons. Sunscreen is a product that should be worn year round, but if i’m honest I’m pretty slack when it comes to the cooler months. With it currently being Spring, the days are getting warmer so I know it’s time to re think what I’m doing  in the mornings before I start my day.

When it comes to your skin it’s important we do what we can to protect it from the elements. I start my day by cleansing and exfoliating my face in the shower, followed with adding hydration by applying moisturizer to my face and body.  Following on from moisturising this is now where I add in applying Banana Boat Sunscreen.  

Doing it first thing in the morning is ideal for me as I often find myself sidetracked during the day, unless of course I’m spending it by the water. Banana Boat Drybalance is a range I personally love, as it has many options including being available in a lotion or spray formula. I find it easier to apply a lotion in the mornings, and then keep my skin topped up with the spray during the day.

The biggest thing that has always detoured me from being good with sunscreen, is that often they feel heavy and greasy on my skin, or if I apply it to my face I have found some brands break me out a little. However I find myself reaching for Banana Boat’s Drybalance products as within a few seconds it’s dry, and it is also super light weight and comfortable to have on my skin which makes wearing sunscreen a lot more pleasant.

The whole point of sunscreen is to protect ourselves after all right, so knowing Banana Boat’s products have a SPF50 and are water resistant for upto 80minutes puts my mind at ease. There are a number of beauty brands who happen to make suncare products as part of their range, but no suncare experts like Banana Boat who fuse expertise with innovation to create a top-tier sunscreen with beauty properties as you will find in the DryBalance range.

Banana Boat products are easy to find and available at leading supermarkets and The Warehouse nationwide. So before you head out the door this Summer, do a little mental checklist in your head and ensure you have protected yourself from the suns harsh rays. Remember it doesn’t always have to be a super sunny day for damage to occur & it’s such an easy product to add into your morning beauty routine.



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“Protecting Your Skin With Your Summer Beauty Routine”
  • The one place I would love to visit is Morocco. I am fascinated with the spice markets, the beautiful textiles and their gorgeous landscape. Plus always love a good tagine meal. 😋 I would definitely need to wear sunblock over there. I am pale and burn easily. I would eventually fit in and as my skin can get very dark. It’s the Italian in me I guess. 😆 Yes please, this would be wonderful! 😍

  • It would have to be my own backyard of New Zealand there’s no place on earth as beautiful as mine, it’s gods own paradise with it’s stunning blue lakes, clean green mountains, gorgeous scenery with snow capped mountains leading down to the sea. It truly is the best lil place in the world.

  • I’ve made it my goal this spring/summer to wear sunscreen everyday! I would love to go relax in the Maldives ❤ it looks amazing there!

  • Croatia! It looks so beautiful, crystal clear water, sunshine, gorgeous beaches, great culture. Stroll the streets of Dubrovnik, wade the water on the beaches of Nin & Spiaza, they’re so much to do and see it just looks incredible over there!!! So Ivwould definitely need Banana Boat 🙂 going outside in the New Zealand sun can be so dangerous so I would rather be safe than sorry!

  • I would love to visit Riga, so in need of a holiday, but thinking about it will be enough for now :). I enjoyed reading your blog about sunscreen and routine. I used to be religious in putting on sunscreen, but have found it harder this season. I look forward to reading more blogs 🙂

  • I would love to take my daughter on a wee holiday to the North Island. I love New Zealand and would love to see more of it. I have studied for the last 3 years and being a solo Mum money has been tight so having Banana Boat sunblock would be a tick off out list to ensure our fair skin doesn’t burn. Plus, the sun has been brilliant so far so I can only imagine how hot it is going to get this summer.

  • Ohh I’d love to visit the Maldives.. the thought of my room floating on water and the beautiful sea as my view 😍! I’ll need SPF 50 to visit 🙂🙂 x

  • I’d love to go to the Mediterranean. Blue water, golden sand, blue skies and delicious food! I know it’s somewhere both my husband and I would love to visit.

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