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Q&A – You asked I replied!



Hey Babes!

So I always get random questions come through from my followers, so I thought it was about time to do another Q&A! I decided to post my answers in a blog post, just because then it’s a little less spammy & easier for you guys to read!

So let’s begin!!


Your house build looks so fun, is it really as easy as it looks? –  Honestly we have been so lucky that everything so far has run smoothly (touch wood)!!Regan and I are both really chilled people and just go with the flow. It’s worked well for us but obviously it is still such a big life event there’s always going to be some kind of stress especially with money as the bills come in it’s pretty depressing to look at your bank account lol!

2. Do you think you will ever move overseas? – I won’t say never because you just don’t know how life can change but I will definetly be hanging out overseas alot more over the next couple of years. I have a few exciting plans up my sleeve eek!

3. I want to try MAC products but I can’t afford to buy alot at once, can you tell me what your top picks are? – MAC products I reach for alot in my kit and personal collection are Fix + Spray, Studio Fix Powder, Boldly Bare lipliner, Strobe Cream, Extended play lash mascara and lots of lipsticks haha!! But seriously go in store and chat to the girls, staples like Fix + and a lipstick are a great place to start your MAC addiction I mean Collection haha!

4. I have followed your blog from day 1 , do you see yourself continuing it on for years to come?  – At the moment totally! I first created my blog out of passion for the industry, and wanting to have a place people could come when they were looking for beauty help without the pressure of feeling like they had to buy something. To this day I love how I am able to continue to do this, let’s just say I have a lot in the works so my journey is far from over<3

5. I have always wanted to be a makeup artist, but am scared of being judged.  Do you find the beauty industry competitive or catty? If you want to do something go and do it girl! Honestly i am such a big advocate for not letting others stop you from doing what you love. The beauty industry is always going to be competitive like anything and yes of course can be catty – I mean working for myself I don’t have to deal with any of it but I do hear alot of things. My best advice is dance to the beat of your own drum, I have had people make up horrible things about me when they haven’t even met me before, it happens to the best of us. Just stick to your own lane and let your success make the noise <3

6. What made you decide you wanted to build a house?  I knew I always wanted my own home, but it came about when the house Regan was renting was sold. We chatted and decided that him paying someone elses rent was just a waste of money, so we started looking into our own home. For us building was a no brainer, sure it may not be our dream home but we are able to build brand new for a similar price to what some existing homes are that may still need some work.

7. I know you have lots of friends who are influencers but do you have a particular person you admire? Ooh that’s a hard one as I look up to all my pairs that genuinely love what they do. I would probably have to say Annalee (Makeupbyannalee) I have known her a few years now, and would have to say she’s still the same person from when she had 2k followers to now with over 40k. I’m not going to lie, some people really do let numbers get to their heads but Annalee is always so down to earth. She comes from a background similar to my own and I absolutely love and admire her drive and passion for producing amazing content that is informative & realistic for her following.

8. I remember you had a bad break up a few years ago, you seem really happy now was it hard to get to the place you are now? I’m currently fresh out of a 5 year relationship and feel quite lost – Ahh yes the good old days haha no but seriously that was a really bad time for me, and at the time I didn’t think I would ever truly be happy with my life again. It sounds so cliche but time and surrounding yourself with the right people heals all. Focus on you and do things FOR you! Simple things like going out for a walk, or run to clear your head each day are a good starting point. I have to say though I am so glad I went through that really shitty situation, because I am now such a strong person in a healthy and super happy & loving relationship.

9. Is there any part about being a makeup artist that you hate? I can honestly say no! I absolutely love what I do, this is now my 9th season working with Makeup and I love it more every single day. My clients are always such awesome people, and I have met some of my best friends through the industry. Sometimes the super early morning’s travelling to jobs out of town, can be a killer but hey that’s just me not being a very good morning person haha!!

10.  Do you think social media has changed over the last couple of years? I was waiting for someone to ask this lol! Yes i do! Don’t get me wrong social media is a great tool for marketing and business exposure across the board but apps like Instagram are literally becoming so saturated now. Go back two years it was really genuine and bloggers and industry professionals used their platforms as a way to help and educate where as i feel like now every tom dick and harry is becoming and overnight “blogger” because they think it will make them “famous”. Alot of us who have been bloggers for a few years now couldn’t give two shits if people knew who we are, there’s so much more to it than that – I do see a shift though and brands are becoming alot more aware of who’s in it for real and not for the freebies.

11. I have asked you before but would you ever do youtube? – I have done the odd video, but I honestly just don’t have the time. Again I also feel like youtube is very saturated now it is pretty hard to grow, hats off to anyone just starting out though I imagine it must be really stressful lol!

12. I love your travel posts where do you think you will go next? Well I have a list of places and things I want to do that I tick off every day lol, for me it’s super important that I see as much of my own country first before I head off to explore more countries overseas. The next few months will see us in lots of cool spots around NZ and from there you will just have to wait and see lol!

13. Was becoming self employed hard, I want to do it but don’t know when I should? I don’t think there’s ever a right time as such to become self employed, I was 23 when I left my fulltime job. But for me I had built my business up enough as a blogger and Makeup Artist that I knew i had to make the break. I found I was becoming super stressed as I just didn’t have enough hours in a day to do everything. To be honest some days I still feel that way even though I have alot more freedom. I’m a big believer in doing what’s best for your soul, if you have a passion that’s earning you reliable money that you know you can live off do it, otherwise you will always wonder what if!

14. I love seeing the products you have in your kit as I am starting to build up my own. Can you suggest any must haves? That’s so exciting for you, kit buying is so much fun but also so heavy on your bank account lol! I use all high end products so my kit is a big investment for me but your clients will respect that. You totally need to get your hands on the Hourglass Ambient palettes and blush shades. They are buildable products that look amazing on everyone! Some other products would be:  MAC Strobe Cream & pigments , Smashbox Primers, Skindinavia setting spray, MAC lipsticks, MAC Paintpots, Laura Mercier bronzers and highlight powders (they last forever!!)

15. You and your boyfriend are way to cute, are you actually like this in real life? Haha thank you! I like to think we are lol! He’s honestly my best friend and we just have so much fun together. Literally what you see online is how we are lol! we love adventuring, having rap battles and car karaoke,  road tripping and just being idiots together If you watch my Insta stories you are probably aware of this haha!!

16. What has been the best part of building your own home? Ahh it’s hard to choose one thing as it’s all so fun lol! I would have to say the interior planning i have enjoyed alot, and the kitchen we are both super excited for even though I suck at cooking haha

17. I have always wanted to start a blog, do you have any tips for me? of course I think it’s important to find your niche, brainstorm how you can use your point of difference to impact your audience. Instagram Algorithyms and all the fun stuff are hard to work out at the best of times so you want to make sure your content stands out and gives your followers a reason to keep coming back <3

18. What do you do with all the free stuff you get? You wouldn’t believe how much I get asked this haha believe it or not I actually use 90% of it, the rest of it if i don’t personally like the product or it’s just not suited to me then I will give it away to family and friends.

19. You always wear cool clothes, where do you buy them? Haha I don’t have a particular store I go to but I do have a more Boho style. Glassons is great I have been shopping there for years, I also really like Paganmarie, dolly girl fashion, sabo skirt, white fox, spell designs and the list goes on <3

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  • Loved reading more about you Stacey 🙂 I think its so great that you wanna see more of nz before going too far abroad 🙂

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