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Review: The Cosmetic Clinic

Last week I was invited by The Cosmetic Clinic based at Westfield Riccarton Mall, for a 9-step Microdermabrasion Treatment. Firstly let me say the service was second to none, I was greeted with a smile as soon as i entered the door and was acknowledged by all the staff working within the front area of the clinic,.Which can i just add this to me is a big deal, given some clinics can feel a little intimidating to enter.

My therapist for my treatment was a lovely lady called Yolanda, originally from the Philippines she is not only a wealth of knowledge but she has assisted in many cosmetic procedures and you can tell just by talking to her she is very passionate about what she does.

As we started my treatment Yolanda explained every single step to me, I have had micro’s in the past but none have ever been so in depth. Another thing I need to touch on is how incredible their hygiene is within the clinic, everything was pristine and often I could hear Yolanda unsealing the tools she was to use on me. So let’s get back to the treatment – Microdermabrasion is fantastic, it is basically a really deep exfoliation of your skin.  Although microdermabrasion is an excellent maintenance treatment for normal skin, it also treats premature aging caused by sun exposure, dry skin, acne, blemish scars, sunspots, and fine lines.

So what does their 9-step Microbrasion Treatment involve?

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • AHA/BHA Mask
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Extractions
  • Peel (after careful assessment of suitability)
  • Nourishment
  • Hydration
  • Protection

At The Cosmetic Clinic, they provide a unique approach to microdermabrasion and tailor your treatment to your skin’s needs with their diamond-tipped machines.Your skin is exfoliated by a combination of abrasion and suction, extracting debris from your pores and collecting dead skin. You will be amazed at how much is collected in the filter! To maintain the highest of standards, the tips are sterilised between clients and a fresh filter is always used.

In nine steps and 50-minutes, we cleanse, apply a BHA pre-treatment, administer microdermabrasion and determine whether the skin can tolerate a peel. Post-treatment, your therapist will apply a hydrating mask and sunscreen also.

The one step I feel I need to talk about is when the peel is applied, because this product is more active than the others it does feel quite warm on the skin, it’s a weird sensation but totally tolerable, if you have never had any active products applied to your skin before, it’s normal to kind of freak a little at the heat you may feel from this peel but don’t stress it’s just working it’s magic.

After my treatment had finished Yolanda took some images of my skin to keep on my file, which I think is an awesome idea so you can see the difference made after your course of treatments. She then handed me the mirror to have a look at my skin and it looked so fresh and clean – although it was a little red from the peel but that goes down after 20-30minutes of leaving the clinic and once again is normal. It has now been a few days since my treatment, and my skin still feels super smooth, another bonus is that even my makeup seems to apply a lot smoother!!

If making changes to your skin is something you have been looking to do for a while, I highly suggest visiting The Cosmetic Clinic. If you aren’t in Christchurch there is also one in Auckland, at Sylvia Park Shopping Mall. They also stock a great skin care line that goes by the name of InstitutIt is a super affordable and active cosmedical skincare range,based on scientifically proven blends of AHA’s, Retinoids, Vitamin C, Peptides, Antioxidants and SPF technology.

For more information on treatments available,pricing or for a FREE Skin Consultation feel free to contact The Cosmetic Clinic 

PS The Cosmetic Clinic have kindly offered my Clients and Followers 25% off their Laser and Skin Treatment Packages, just simply like their Facebook page Here and then mention my name when you make your booking easy as!

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  • a couple of weeks ago I came in and a staff member served me who was absolutely amazing. her name was mona and despite me being scared for my first lazer treatment she calmed me down and made me feel relaxed. her customer service skills are brilliant and she fully explained the whole procedure of lazer and introduced other treatments as well. Her customer service skills were brilliant! can’t wait to go back for my next appointment ☺

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