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Springbrook National Park

On a recent trip to the Gold Coast I of course just had to go on an adventure. After doing a lot of research I found the perfect place to take my mum, sister and friend for a day of exploring instead of the usual shopping. Springbrook National Park is located about 45minutes from where we were staying in Broadbeach. To get there can be a little difficult especially if you don’t have your own transport and aren’t wanting to do the typical tourist tours on offer.

Being the ingenuitive kiwis that we are we caught an Uber, yup an Uber. It cost us about $60 which we thought was really well priced although the one thing we didn’t factor in was how we would get home – I’ll get back to that later.

Springbrook National Park is hands down an amazing place to explore. You’ll see views across the land, waterfalls that tumble down into the depths of the canyon, cool rock creeks that flow into the coolest swimming holes and some of the oldest trees in Australia.

Beneath the canopy a weird world opens up – rare birds, glow-in-the-dark mushrooms, massive vines that tangle in the trees, boulders as big as houses and mossy fern groves where you’ll find fascinating little creatures. And the walks are something else.

After looking at all the options of what to see and do we decided to go with the Purling Brook Falls track. My girl gang had a moderate level of fitness, although mum wasn’t a fan of anything too steep so we thought this sounded perfect.

While the track itself is in my eyes pretty easy, it was the large amount of steps that got the others. Normally you can walk the full loop of the track, but due to recent weather there had been a lot of slips. This meant all the stairs we had gone down… we were going to have to go back up!

Along our walk I was half expecting a snake to slither across the leafy path ahead of us, but it wasn’t that we had to worry about it was something bigger… An Iguana!! As the leader of the pack I paused as I heard some crunching to the right of me, and next thing there it was, this massive stocky looking lizard hissing at me with it’s tongue out.

I’m happy to say we did make it out alive, although after that we were very alert for what else this Rainforest had in store for us haha!!

This particular track takes about 2 hours return, but what you will find at the end is something else! I had been told the falls were impressive but they were that and more. Sitting at the base of the falls you will have your mind blown by not only how big they are, but how beautiful everything is that surrounds you.

On the particular day we visited we were even lucky enough to see a rainbow going through the water, which was pretty epic. To sit and just watch is unreal, the way the water falls so majestically, without touching the cliff face until it reaches the bottom pool is something I hadn’t seen in a waterfall before.

Next time I am back in the Springbrook area I will be checking out the Natural Bridge, and so many more tracks. I could have spent days here just admiring the different scenery. So if you are ever on the Gold Coast and like yourself a little adventure, make sure you head on out to Springbrook.

Side note don’t Uber out there like we did as getting home can be a mission. There’s no cellphone service in the carpark or near the cafe’s so finding a ride back isn’t easy. Shout out to the amazing staff at the Dancing Waters Cafe for letting us use their phone to call a Taxi haha!!!!

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