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Treating your pigmentation with laser!

When it comes to my skin I’m all about doing what I can to keep it looking it’s absolute best. With the help of The Cosmetic Clinic, not only is it in amazing condition, but my complexion is looking alot more even thanks to having recent laser facials. I had a course of 3 treatments to help with slight pigmentation on my face. For me my pigmentation is mainly in

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Fresh on the block with theBalm NZ & a GIVEAWAY!!

The Balm is back at it again with these quirky and fun products, which are sure to brighten your Autumn. The first time I used The Balm was about 3 years ago and my gosh,this brand has just grown from strength to strength. Now stocked at Life Pharmacies and Unichems around New Zealand, it’s hard not to notice their super retro stands as soon as you walk into their stores. I

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MAC Charlotte Olympia Overview

“Inspired by Pin-ups, silver screen sirens and the by gone era of old Hollywood glamour. The British the British luxury shoe and accessory designer is known for a vintage aesthetic that ebodies elegance and femininity with a hefty dollop of charm. Now the nostalegic allure of Charlotte Olympia is captured in a MAC Collection of retro-glam colour”   MAC kindly sent me 4 items from this collection and they are stunning, especially as

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A Makeup Artist’s Guide To Blemish Free Skin

Having worked as a makeup artist for nearly the last seven years, I have definitely come across all kinds of skin types and conditions along my way. Generally when I have a booking it’s for a special event such as a school ball or wedding, and of course the person sitting in the chair in front of me wants me to make them look their absolute best. What a lot

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YSL Boho Stone Spring Collection 2016

“Boho Stone Collection. The Yves Saint Laurent woman par excellence. Her intuitive sensuality and assertive femininity; an inspiration to the admirers that follow in her wake – entranced.” Available Instore Now, this YSL collection sure is one not to miss. I personally would buy it for the packaging itself, it is just so damn gorgeous. The best part about this collection, I have found is that every single piece is super

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Two Fashion Grammers you need to follow!

Instagram has got to be one of my ultimate faves when it comes to social media. Not only is it a great way to interact with other’s, its a fantastic way to discover places, products and people that you may never of had the chance to. I personally follow mainly beauty and fashion accounts, and figured it would be rude not to share the following two babes with you. Seriously

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The best beauty tool for 2015!

It’s a big call and I’m making it, Beauty Blenders for me were the best tool to ever rock my world in 2015, not only for use within my Freelance kit but for my own personal day to day looks. So what are they ?Beauty Blenders are a tear drop shaped flexi sponge that absorb next to no product, and really will be the key to making your base more

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Get in my life – The Holiday Collections On My Hit List

Christmas is by far my favourite time of year, with literally every cosmetic house pulling out all the stops, to make us weak at the knees with their Exclusive Christmas offerings. I thought last year was unbeatable but it appears this year is looking more than promising. Social media is currently buzzing with sneak peaks and release dates so I thought, why not share a peak at what’s on my hit list this

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I say goodbye to being 22 – the best way possible

As I say good bye to the past 22 years of my life and enter into my 23rd year with my birthday being tomorrow (14thy September),I thought I would share with you all 22 products that I couldn’t be without. These are beauty products that I have fallen in love with, and use on a daily basis. If you would like to see more in depth reviews on any of

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Bossy Cosmetics – 3 Beauty Babes you need to try

I’ve talked about Bossy Cosmetics before, and yup I am at it again. Bossy Cosmetics for those of you who don’t know are a New Zealand based company providing beauty products that are quite simply amazing in every way. I discovered Bossy Cosmetics when they first started out, one of their first products was their Brush Cleanser and to this day it is still my Holy Grail that I tell

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