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When it comes to Taylor Swift, it’s all about the “Incredible Things”

With Taylor Swift being a major player in the music industry for the last few years, it’s only certain her empire would expand into other retail lines. With having previously launched other fragrances, I have to say those of which I am yet to try,I was then of course super excited when a gorgeous delivery arrived at my doorstep. Taylor Swift “Incredible Things” Fragrance really is just that. This Eau

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Summer is nearly here!

So now that Spring is finally here, the warmer weather is slowly showing its face and allowing us to dip our toes into those Summer wardrobes yahoo! I have already picked up a few more summery items as I head to Hawaii in late October so of course I am needing to prepare for lots of Sunshine, but when I saw Pagan Marie had new arrivals in I just had

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