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Welcome to NZ Sephora!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! We now have access to Sephora woohoo! Although it may not be in the physical sense, I am totally all about that online shopping life any way. I mean what’s better than not having to line up, avoiding those awkward “last one” stand off’s oh and the best part, being able to snack on chocolate and other really healthy food options, (mmm chocolate)whilst you

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The best beauty tool for 2015!

It’s a big call and I’m making it, Beauty Blenders for me were the best tool to ever rock my world in 2015, not only for use within my Freelance kit but for my own personal day to day looks. So what are they ?Beauty Blenders are a tear drop shaped flexi sponge that absorb next to no product, and really will be the key to making your base more

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