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Why you should take a staycation!

Now I love myself a wee getaway, but one thing I hadn’t tried before was a Staycation within my own city. Regan & I recently had the chance to check out the brand spanking new Crowne Plaza here in Christchurch and it was amazing!! At first it felt a bit weird when the front desk asked us where we had traveled from, and our reply was 10 minutes down the

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Valentines Day, some dread it, some love it & alot of people probably couldn’t care less. I actually personally love it! From the day’s of High School where you would wait until lunchtime to see if your crush had sent you a rose, to your first proper relationship, it really can be a great day, even without all the cliche things! I love flowers and gifts don’t get me wrong,

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Protecting Your Skin With Your Summer Beauty Routine

Routine is always a great thing to have, so it only makes sense that you adapt it to the changing seasons. Sunscreen is a product that should be worn year round, but if i’m honest I’m pretty slack when it comes to the cooler months. With it currently being Spring, the days are getting warmer so I know it’s time to re think what I’m doing  in the mornings before

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Guerlain’s New Beauty Bag Must Have’s!

Guerlain is one brand that is forever on top of their game.Although the price is more on the higher end of the scale, you certainly are getting what you pay for. From luxe packaging to products that really do as they say, what’s there not to love right?! I am currently in love wth all of their new releases, so of course I wanted to share with you my thoughts.

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10 Scenic Spots To Check Out In Canterbury

Nothing beats getting a little fresh air into the lungs, so why not do that while taking in some pretty epic views and scenery. Below I have put together 10 Scenic Spots that are worth checking out if your ever in the Canterbury area.   First up is Summit Road (Port Hills) – The Summit Road is home to some of the best views over Christchurch across to the Southern Alps.

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Prada Is Always A Good Idea!

When it comes to sunglasses, I guess you could say I have a bit of a collection. There’s just so many rad styles to fit within the current trends, it’s hard to just stop at one pair. One thing I was lacking was just a basic style that would suit any outfit. This is where my Prada’s come in.. not only are they super on trend being an avaiator style,

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Onawe Peninsula Track

Wander Often – Wander Always   As always it’s another day, another adventure with us and today’s took us to the Onawe Peninsula. Although the weather was cold and a little gloomy, it didn’t stop the beauty of the view that surrounded us from the moment we hopped out of the car. Onawe Peninsula is situated 1hr 20min from Christchurch, and is most commonly known as the site of a Ngai Tahu

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Hooker Valley Track – A Tick Off My NZ Bucket List

For a few years now I have wanted to tick this one off my list, but with my work load and just life in general it’s been hard to fit in all the adventures I have wanted to go on. But this Easter Weekend I finally did it! Due to working Wedding’s on Saturday, we decided to make it an early morning start on Easter Sunday 5:00am  to be exact!

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My First Roadtrip For 2017!

So we are now 12 days into 2017 and I can’t even believe how quickly the last year flew by. It was such a huge year for me,and some of you may have noticed that my Blog posts slowed down a lot in the months leading up to Christmas. This was because I got quite overwhelmed with everything going on, as from April 2016 it was also my first year

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