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5 Summer inspired Gifts you will want to keep for yourself!

It’s that time of year again where it’s all about the gift giving, but if your anything like me it’s also a great time of year ,to eye up all the Christmas offerings for yourself. Everyone seems to have some sort of deal going on,or discount night happening that it often becomes a little to hard to resist the temptation of a purchase or two for yourself. Here’s 5 gift

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Get in my life – The Holiday Collections On My Hit List

Christmas is by far my favourite time of year, with literally every cosmetic house pulling out all the stops, to make us weak at the knees with their Exclusive Christmas offerings. I thought last year was unbeatable but it appears this year is looking more than promising. Social media is currently buzzing with sneak peaks and release dates so I thought, why not share a peak at what’s on my hit list this

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I say goodbye to being 22 – the best way possible

As I say good bye to the past 22 years of my life and enter into my 23rd year with my birthday being tomorrow (14thy September),I thought I would share with you all 22 products that I couldn’t be without. These are beauty products that I have fallen in love with, and use on a daily basis. If you would like to see more in depth reviews on any of

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The Best High End Mascara I have ever used!!

Big call but I’m making it, Guerlain Cils D’Enfer So Volume Mascara why didn’t I use you sooner! I am such a sucker for finishing off any unopened products, especially when it comes to mascara, so it literally takes me quite some time to get through every single one I own but DANG! This gem is beyond perfect, the wand is exactly what I look for in a mascara. The comb style

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I Am Juicy Couture

If Juicy Couture was the only fragrance I could ever wear, then I would be one happy girl. My obsession with the Juicy scents continues to grow with their latest release “I Am Juicy Couture”.  Described as a fragrance for the “Glamorous Rebel” with an individual style and spirit that makes a statement to the world. I AM JUICY COUTURE combines ripe, juicy fruits to open this bold and alluring

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To be quite Frank ♥

A couple of months back I was kindly sent some products by Frank Body to try from their new Skincare range. Being the fussy person that I am, I was a little nervous to try this range out as I am a sucker for sticking to mainly the same things when it comes to my skin. I have used the Frank Body Scrub before and absolutely loved it, I mean

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Prime and Calm your skin with Dermalogica

Recently Dermalogica released a pretty amazing product, that has had me reaching for it on a daily basis. The Redness Relief Primer SPF20 $88 NZD helps to counteract and balance out your skin tone, making it perfect for everyday wear underneath your daily makeup products. I personally wouldn’t say I suffer from too much redness but I have found lately that thanks to many late nights and dehydration (apparently wine

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Bobbi Brown Hot Collection Overview and Giveaway!!

Bobbi Bobbi Bobbi, where do I even start when it comes to one of my ultimate fave brands –Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Well I could start with how in love I am with their latest “Hot Collection”. This Limited Edition Collection consists of many stunning products that are sure to melt your heart. I was lucky enough to be sent one of the staple pieces from this collection to try out and

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Napoleon Mattetastic Lipstick Review ♥

 You can never really have too many lipsticks right? well that’s what I like to tell myself daily anyway, especially ever since I met Napoleon’s newest kids on the block. Yup that’s right your favourite Mattetastic Lipstick range from Napoleon Perdis has introduced some stunning new shades to their already hard to beat line up.What I love most about these lipsticks is although they are Matte their HydraTechnology ensures your

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MAC – A Novel Romance Lipstick Overview ♥

“Fall in lust with A Novel Romance, a colour collection teeming with deep, luscious shades that will leave you feeling overwhelmed with desire “ I promised myself I would cut back on the hauls with my trip to Hawaii approaching fast, but when A Novel Romance by MAC Cosmetics was released I just couldn’t resist the urge. I purchased 4 lipsticks and one of the Electric Cool Eyeshadow’s and I

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