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All about that face – Becca Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics is a brand that has been taking the beauty world by a storm as of late. It’s collaborations with beauty icons such as Youtuber Jaclyn Hill, that saw her product “Champagne Pop” flying off shelves left, right and centre but don’t be fooled this isn’t their only hidden gem. Thanks to I have been fortunate to expand my Becca Cosmetics collection, and try some more of their range.

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Browtime with

When it comes to brows and more specifically the products available these days it can get a little confusing – trust me I get it, I too suffer from #butwhatdoIuse syndrome. Lucky for me for the last year or so I haven’t had to ask myself that question much.In my discovery of Anastasia Beverly Hills and her phenomenal range of brow products, I have pretty much eliminated my usual brow

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GHD or Cloud Nine – The million dollar hair question

For the last 6 or so years, GHD hair styling tools have been the must have in my household, but recently I had started to become fed up with having to re straighten parts of my hair before I had even left the house.Now please keep in mind I do naturally have beachy/wavy hair, so generally if there’s any moisture in the air you can guarantee my mop will get

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Recreate yourself with a little Online Shopping

A few of you may have seen previous posts where I mention an online beauty store called Aka Recreate Yourself. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, I apologise now but you are most probably about to become broke. is a rad online store that covers all things beauty, whether it be Hair care , Skincare and my fave makeup of course -you are guaranteed to find something that

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