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Getting your man to use any kind of beauty product used to seem like you had bitten off more than you can chew, am I right?. But let’s be real it is now 2018, and Men are becoming a lot more aware of looking after themselves. Skincare is the best place to start, especially as a lot of men are faced with the elements of nature daily while they are

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The Cosmetic Secret Weapon To Stress!

Late nights and early morning starts has basically been my life for the last 6 years. Whether i’m on the road heading out of town to work on a wedding, or i’m up late organizing bookings it’s safe to say stress can take it’s toll on me – especially in the busy season. Dermalogica are often sending me care packages of amazing skincare, but when this particular one arrived it

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Skincare Switch Up To Witch!

Switching up my skincare routine is often a scary thought for me- in previous experiences I have always had a break out or two as my skin adapts to the change. Recently after feeling quite run down, my skin had a bit of a hissy fit, so I figured if I was to try out any new products the best time would be now. I normally use all Dermalogica products

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Beauty Without Surgery

Since the Kylie Jenner saga, it seems every where you look on social media,everyone is wanting a fuller pout and of course more defined cheeks. In the real world, majority of us just simply cannot spare the extra cash on surgeries, to keep us looking on fleek 24/7. But I have a secret that needs to be revealed, this brand really deserves a little more loving for their fantastic products.

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Turn your skin around with Clinique

For the last couple of months now, I have been using a the “Turnaround” skincare range from Clinique. As most of you would know if you have been following me from day 1, I generally use to stick to the same products,which at the time were from the Michael Todd True Organics Range. Now I still do use their cleanser and scrub but hydration wise I have now completely switched

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Let’s Talk Skin- The Lab Bible

If there’s one thing I have seen throughout my 6 years in the beauty industry, it’s how the perception of beauty products has changed. I remember the days of males being embarrassed or holding themselves slightly awkward even having to walk through the Cosmetics section of a department store, it was as if they felt they didn’t belong. Fast forward to 2015 and there is now so many products, especially

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Flawless Skin with Michael Todd True Organics

Skincare – the key to a flawless face of makeup, starts all at the base. For some skincare isn’t really something they expect to make all that much of a difference, for me skincare is life. Having worked for a skincare brand and being put through numerous trainings, I have really learnt so many valuable things about the skin and how important it is to look after what we have.

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