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Protecting Your Skin With Your Summer Beauty Routine

Routine is always a great thing to have, so it only makes sense that you adapt it to the changing seasons. Sunscreen is a product that should be worn year round, but if i’m honest I’m pretty slack when it comes to the cooler months. With it currently being Spring, the days are getting warmer so I know it’s time to re think what I’m doing  in the mornings before

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How To: Tan Prep

Self Tanning, it can either be easy or a nightmare lets be honest. Half the time I end up getting my boyfriend to do the places I can’t reach, he really has become quite the pro, but one thing I am a master of is Tan prep! Now this is so important, as it’s literally going to be the make or break of your tans longevity and appearance. So let

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Guess whose back- Hello 2016!

So I’m officially back into it for 2016, after having a much needed couple of weeks away from all of my jobs. I must say I found it hard not to be reaching for my computer, but it’s nice to be back into it feeling more refreshed then ever. Spending time with my Family for Christmas then my friends and boyfriend over the New Year was exactly what I needed to

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Make your footprints count

It’s not every day you get asked to try out a new pair of jandals, so with my Hawaii trip close by at the time I thought why not. In the Summer time I am a huge jandal wearer, especially if they are stylish, Anti-bacterial and most of all comfortable. Wishbones are a brand that not only provide all of the above, but their story is one that melts your

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