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The best beauty tool for 2015!

It’s a big call and I’m making it, Beauty Blenders for me were the best tool to ever rock my world in 2015, not only for use within my Freelance kit but for my own personal day to day looks.

So what are they ?Beauty Blenders are a tear drop shaped flexi sponge that absorb next to no product, and really will be the key to making your base more flawless than ever.

The beauty of these little babes is they are so easy to use, if your converting from using brushes it may seem a little strange at first,and you may find it’s slightly more time consuming but seriously, once you try these you won’t look back.

I like to use mine to first spread the product across my face, I then go back in to build the coverage using a dabbing motion. Having the tear drop shape allows you to access those hard to reach areas, such as around the nose and eyes allowing you to build a base that will beat any smoothing filter on the market.

You can use these wet, some people find this is the best way to use them but for me I spritz a little MAC Fix + spray on one end and leave the other more dry. I find this works really well for me as the product places exactly where I want, it plus doing this gives you a lot more control especially if you like a full coverage like myself.


There are many different colour options available in the beauty blender, and there is now also a smaller version which is perfect for defining contour when using crème products, and not to mention when concealing the eye area. I do find these more delicate to use as if you have long nails, they can slightly tear so just keep that in mind to be gentle.

Cleaning the blenders is also a breeze, Beauty Blender have formulated their own solid cleansers which works a treat, or you can also pick up my favourite antibacterial brush cleanser and fast dry spray from Bossy Cosmetics.

Beauty Blenders are available for purchase Worldwide, but for New Zealand babes make sure you check out – this is where I get mine. The price may seem steep for some, but don’t let this throw you off. They really will make such a difference the way your makeup appears, I promise you that!

P.s  Don’t forget to add a note to your order, if you need a little cheering up Claire loves drawing everyone’s requests, she even drew me a Dinosaur drinking wine Haha!



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