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theBalm Christmas – Gift ideas for a beauty lover

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, and you can bet your boots theBalm have come through with some pretty amazing gift ideas for all the beauty lovers out there, that are packed full of fun and sass! theBalm is pretty much a one stop shop when it comes to stocking up on Christmas gifts.

With packaging that’s more than cool and flirty product names that make you grin, their kits and selection of multi-use products have totally got you covered. My top picks would have to be the Meet Matte Hughes liquid lips, and the Smoke Balm trio,  they are perfect for all the upcoming festivities, super easy to use and will add the finishing touches you need to complete your look.

These products are super easy to get your hands on as they are Available NOW at Farmers & Life & Unichem Pharmacies Nationwide


First up is In The Balm Of Your Hand vol 2, a palette sure to keep you in the good books. This all-inclusive must-have features 4 blendable eyeshadows, 3 flattering blush colors, a matte bronzer and champagne-hued highlighter. Limitless looks await with everything you need “In theBalm of Your Hand” – this is also an amazing gift for any girl on the go, especially with all the Summer adventures ahead!


This is for the girls who like to be a little more daring with their eyes, go big or go home are the words that spring to mind.. introducing Smoke Balm vol 4 a trio of easy to blend foiled shadows ready to party. 3 super wearable shades that can be worn together or alone, taking your look from day to night.  This bad boy is a great stocking filler that’s sure to make her smile!

We all know the best way to finish off a smokey eye is with a beautiful black mascara. theBalm have the gals more than covered with their Mad Lash duo, two full size super black mascaras that will give you not only multidimensional lashes, but volume and depth to be the perfect finishing touch every time.


Maybe she’s a Makeup Artist or just a Makeup lover, the Girls Getaway Trio is an absolute treat.  Compact and easy to pop in any bag, she can add glow, dimension and colour to her pretty face with these three shades of fade resistant, flawless goodness. Kit includes Balm Springs, Balm Beach & Balm Desert.

Meet Matt(e) Hughes, the only other man that may well and truly steal her heart. But you know what they say.. do the mahi get the treats! This set of 6 mini super wearable long lasting liquid lipsticks, means you can say goodbye to lipstick ending up all over your face after a kissing session under the mistletoe. She’s guaranteed to love this little set just as much as you will!


So there you have it the Holiday offerings from theBalm that are sure to make the beauty lover in your life weak at the knees!

Giveaway! Want to WIN an amazing  theBalm pack? Simply tell me below your favourite Christmas present ever and you’re in to WIN! Winner Drawn 30/11/17




*This post was kindly brought to you by Thebalm but all opinions and writing is my own


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“theBalm Christmas – Gift ideas for a beauty lover”
  • Hmmmm, I think my favourite Christmas present ever would be a doll (I still have her). Her name is Tina, she was given to me by my grandmother complete with a designer wardrobe all handmade by my Granny. Her wardrobe includes leather trousers, a leopard print cape and pillbox hat, a fur stole and much more. Tina needs a bit of a makeover… she has hair and eye issues, one day I shall have her fixed!

  • My favourite Christmas present ever… our pug Mr Peanut on Christmas Eve nearly 2 years ago.
    An absolutely amazing addition to my husband and I, also have made amazing friends by being outdoors more!

  • I think my favourite Christmas present ever was a talking Winnie the Pooh toy, it had a nose that wiggled and it said “mmm honey!” I remember being so stoked with it! I actually still have it packed away in a box somewhere!

  • I would say my favourite present was last Christmas where I got to see my Mum on Christmas Day for the first time since I was 17 .. so about 9 years ago. Possibly the first Christmas in years that has actually felt like Christmas. Another bonus was she turned up with a big bag full of new makeup brushes and makeup from Mecca so was double good ❤️

  • The most stoked I have ever been with a Christmas present would have been when I was about 14 years old and my parents got me a pinkalicious phone. It was my first flip top and colour screened phone and I thought I was the coolest kid out haha.

  • My favourite Christmas present was a visit from my best friend. They relocated but made a surprise trip home ready to spend the holiday season (and holiday kai) together.
    If I were to get my hands on some balm products, they would probably find their way to her so we can have a glammed up Skype date.

  • My favourite Christmas present has to be when I got the biggest Lush gift box you could purchase from the store!! There were so many amazing goodies!! ❤❤

  • To be honest my favourite Christmas pressie ever was probably when me and my sister got a PS1, we were honestly so happy and I crack myself up when I watch back on the video of us opening it hahahaha

  • My dream present would be the gift of health, I’ve had a tough last couple of months struggling with ill health & hospitalisations so for me just to have a nice Xmas break and New Year with family in good health would be amazing!! I’ve been using the Balm manizers religiously over the last few weeks & would love to add to the collection 😊😊

  • My best Christmas present was the swing seat I received when I was about 8 and all I remember was waking up on Christmas morning, looking out the window and seeing a swing set all set up. I’ve never been so amazed in my life, good ol Santa 😜😂

  • My best Christmas present ever would be to have all my family (especially those who have passed including my dad, grandad and both nans) gathered around for dinner and skin out in front of a stack of old movies and board games.

  • A golden retriever puppy and named her Jelly. This will be the first Christmas since she died. She has litter of puppies and we kept Custard who is now 8. So Custsrd’s first Xmas without her mum. Is amazing how much happiness one dog can bring.

  • My best present ever was a new mountain bike! My Dad tied it to a piece of string which led me around the house and eventually into the garage where it was hiding! Such a great gift!

  • My favourite ever gift isn’t very extravagent and may not be very exciting to anyone else. It was a pair of bright yellow rubber gloves. The type you use when cleaning. My then 4 year old picked them out for me because he didn’t want my hands getting cold on our walks to kindy! It was very sweet and thoughtful, even if I did look a bit odd wearing them to kindy 😛

  • I remember my best Christmas present being a pink bike with tassels on the handle bars. (I also look damn adorable in the photo)

  • My favourite Christmas present will have to be when my aunt was finally cleared of breast cancer and on the full road to recovery. It was such a relief and we both love buying and playing around with make up so this would be a wonderful gift to share with her.

  • My favourite Christmas gift – that’s hard!! I have no idea I’m so spoiled! My funniest Christmas gift memory is captured on a home video though, me super excited (and like 5 ok) over a “bra” it was totally just a singlet but I was convinced (and very excited at the prospect!)

  • My favourite Christmas present ever was when my parents gave me a chocolate made house instead of a gingerbread one. They had it made for me and it was so beautiful, I wish I had a photo!

  • My favourite Christmas present ever was probably seeing my partner after he had been away for 7 weeks. But also just spending it with my family 💖

  • I think the best Christmas pressie or one of was … One my friend got me; I told them that if they had to get me a present to just get me a $2 shop one, so on Christmas Day we were on the phone to each other- opening the presents (I was secretly hoping it wasn’t a $2 shop present 😂)
    Sure enough I got a budget hair clip, a note book and stickers 😮 haha hearing how disappointed I was, my friend said haha na go look under your bed! And they had actually got me a nice addition to my pandora charm, it was super cute and was stoked that they went through so much effort.

  • The best Christmas gift I have ever received is a tough one, I’ve gotten many amazing things over the years but my fave would have to be the gift of giving, I know It’s such a sappy thing, but really I love sitting down under the tree and watching my kids light up as they open their pressies. Their happiness is my best gift ever xx

  • My favourite Christmas present ever was my Furby. Jokes, I never got that and I’m still salty about it. But, I think the for reals winner is the year I got a nail polish making kit, I wanted it so bad. And turns out it was a sign of things to come.

  • My favourite Christmas present ever was a pair of pink jandals I got as a kid! They were the only thing I wrote on my Christmas list (despite my parents continuously asking me what I wanted) and I can remember the excitement when I opened them on Christmas morning!

  • My favourite Christmas present would have to be a little angel charm 👼🏼 and of course spending time with family ❤️

  • My favourite Christmas present was probably when my granny took me to Europe and Korea last year. Definitely a life changing experience 😊😊😊

  • This is possibly a bit cheesy but my nearly 4 year old daughter Darcy was born on Christmas Eve in 2013, and she is by far my best Christmas present ever. Having a birthday around Christmas must suck for her, so I work really hard to make sure we carve out some special time that is all about her in this full on time of year.

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