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TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done – Creating gorgeous beach hair look all year round

Let’s talk hair, we are now coming into Winter and to be honest this is slightly depressing. Gone are the days of hitting the beach and letting my hair go it’s natural wavy way – that’s what I thought at least. I was super stoked when this range from TRESemmé hit the shelves because I am all about that beach hair life.

The Perfectly (un)Done range has been created in thought of ladies like myself, who love that boho wavy look the Summer weather brings. Not only can we now achieve Salon waves that last all day at home without the help of a professional, but we can now rock an effortless mane, that can rely on products that really do what they claim to do.

Being the official hair care sponsor of New York Fashion Week & trusted by hair professionals around the world  TRESemmé have really hit the nail on the head with this range, not to mention it’s affordability when it comes to price and how easy it is to pick up at your local supermarket nationwide.

So let’s get into the products themselves.. The TRESemmé PERFECTLY (UN)DONE Collection with Sea Kelp extract, infuses hair with texture for natural looking waves. There are six products available (I have been using 5), these compliment each other perfectly when it comes to creating and achieving your desired look.

Your first step when it comes to your hair is of course washing it, so it makes total sense that TRESemmé have created a Shampoo and Conditioner to kick start your wavy mane. The Shampoo being Silicone Free, will help to remove any dirt, oil and residue from your hair. The Conditioner will handle the hydration side of things, whilst being light enough that it won’t weigh your hair down. The result leaves your hair full of airy softness and body – An essential step in in achieving your PERFECTLY (UN)DONE wavy look. $14.49 each


The Sea Salt Spray is perfect for the ultimate textured beach wave, and just so happens to be my fave of the bunch. This non-sticky formula is infused with Sea Kelp Extract, which helps define each strand of hair to achieve a full-bodied, tousled style. This is super easy to use, I like to spritz it in damp hair and slightly scrunch my ends into my hands. This helps to give the wave abit more of volume and shape, especially if you don’t naturally have any wave to your hair. RRP$9.29

How To Achieve Soft Beach Waves using the Sea Salt Spray:In this pictorial you can see how my hair is naturally pretty straight, I used a little water to dampen my hair before applying any product. I then went in with the Pefectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray and spritz throughout my hair, whilst lightly scrunching it within my hands. You can see this has achieved a really soft wave which dries off beautifully!




Gone are the days of those crunchy feeling hair mousse’s, the Waves Creating Sea Foam $9.29 RRP is another product I have been reaching for a lot lately.This product has been designed to create beautiful air-light waves with a soft, natural-looking finish. You can scrunch this into damp hair also and leave to naturally dry, or blow dry off and use a heated styling tool to define your curls that little bit more.

To set this look to take you right through the night, the Ultra-Brushable Hairspray will become your go to. Specially designed to provide ultra-fine control, this PERFECTLY (UN)DONE hairspray can be layered to give you as much power over your style as you want. It is easily brushable, without flaking, stiffness or stickiness & protects your waves from frizz. You can whip your hair back and forth and dance the night away knowing your style will stay in place. $9.29 RRP

How to Achieve a more defined wave using the Waves Creating Sea Foam: With the foam I used two pumps for each side of my hair, I really scrunched it right to the roots and wrapped slightly around my figures towards the ends. This just helps define the curl that little bit more, especially since my hair isn’t naturally curly, I can only imagine how amazing it would look if your naturally blessed with curly locks! To  set I then went in with the Ultra Brushable Hairspray which feels super light yet locks in your style completely.



So there you have it, a range of hair products that work and are totally fool proof. Not to mention are perfect for use on those mornings where time is not on your side. If your interested in seeing these products in action, check out the video’s on the TRESemmé Youtube account or follow their social accounts, Facebook & Instagram 






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  • Great blog post Stacey!! Will definitely be investing in these products, would shave so much time off my morning beauty routine if my hair was quick to style 🙂 thanks for the pictorials!

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