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Two Fashion Grammers you need to follow!

Instagram has got to be one of my ultimate faves when it comes to social media. Not only is it a great way to interact with other’s, its a fantastic way to discover places, products and people that you may never of had the chance to.

I personally follow mainly beauty and fashion accounts, and figured it would be rude not to share the following two babes with you. Seriously every time they post a new image, I am straight onto the website listed sussing out what to buy – I have zero self control obviously!

First up is Australian Kirsty Fleming, there is just something so soothing about her account, I don’t know if it’s here monotone theme that features pops of colour, or just how aesthetically pleasing everything she does is. Either way she’s a total babe and well worth a follow!



Second up is Emily Rose Hannon, this girls hair alone is enough to make you want to pull a Britney, and start all over again – for reals though. She also has a hunky boyfriend and together they may make you feel totally sorry for yourself over their perfection!But again this girl has style, and it’s a super stunning gram to follow. P.s Thanks Emily I now am craving a vacay to Mexico thanks to your snaps!


There are so many amazing accounts on Instagram it’s quite hard to have faves, but these two are totally accounts that I check more than once a day, just to be sure I don’t miss out on any cute outfit ideas that is.

If you want to check out who I am following pop onto instagram and check out my account @staceybmuax

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