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When lighting is everything!

If you are an influencer or just someone who appreciates great lighting while doing your makeup, then you are probably going to want the Desk pro. So what is it? Basically a ring light but set on a smaller tripod. Having a tripod that’s more compact but still adjustable is awesome as it means it can be more at your level, allowing the light to hit all the right places.

I have had mine for about a month now and am really loving it. The Desk pro comes with an adjustable dial so you can change the strength of light, plus it also comes with two styles of filter to use depending on how your wanting to diffuse the light.

This is such a great option if your not wanting to invest too much money in a big studio set up, but still after great results when filming or taking images. The important thing to remember is to not be too close to the light or like anything it will blow you out and not give you the finished look your aiming for.

The above image is taken under the desk pro lighting on a dark day with no natural light


Overall I am super impressed by the Desk pro, and totally recommend it to anyone looking for something easy to use.  This is also a great tool for Makeup Artists to have on hand when it comes to working in dark hotel rooms with access to zero natural light. Everything  folds down easily into a medium sized carry bag, which is super handy for when your on the go.

For more information you can check out their website   you can also get FREE SHIPPING within NZ by using the code “StaceyShip” or “Stacey20” for $20 off your entire order.

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