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Why you need to travel within your own backyard!

These days it’s easy to scroll through social media, and watch tv ads displaying all of these beautiful tropical locations and instantly want to book the next flight out of your current location. The reality is, majority of us just can’t do that. Timing, financials and planning are all things that you generally need to put into place when booking your next escape.

Wanderlust is something that is definitely within me, I am lucky to have been to some pretty amazing destinations in my nearly 25 years on this earth but I tell you what, the best adventures in my life to date are those within my own country – little ol New Zealand.

Sure the climate of the Maldives is totally appealing, but New Zealand although small in comparison to the rest of the world, has some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever laid eyes on. From the rocky coastlines to the golden sands and all of the beautiful mountains in between, I could spend weeks in every single town just exploring what’s before me. The best part of all is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to do so.

As someone who has lived in the South Island my entire life, it was a no brainer that a campervan trip around the North Island was a #Nzmustdo! So recently we did just that – 9 days of road tripping in our amazing Wilderness Camper. We started our journey in Auckland, covering from The Coromandel all the way down the coast to Wellington and back up the West Coast to finish in Auckland.

Although this trip was partly classed as a “work trip” for me, we both could have easily spent another 2 weeks getting to know the towns we visited a little bit more.  For Regan he’s from the North Island already, but it was awesome that we got to experience so many places together for the first time, as well as me getting to see where he grew up.

There really is just something about New Zealand that I feel we all need to value a little more. I mean so many of us these days, think travelling overseas is what will fill our hearts with adventure and experience, yet we are so wrong. Little do you know your own back yard is waiting patiently, for you to explore it one weekend at a time.

So if your feeling a little like your life is missing something, all you have to do is drive an hour or two away from your home town when living in New Zealand to find some amazing sights,walks, and nature that will really open your eyes and make you feel richer in life.

Just think next time before you go to splurge on that expensive trip overseas, maybe I should explore what my own country has to offer first. Not only is this supporting local but i guarantee you will create memories that will always hold a special place within your heart, unlike any other.

Stay tuned for my posts to follow as I break down our trip one town at a time, and show you why New Zealand really is in my eyes – the most beautiful place in the world.

Stacey x

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